• Jan 13, 2020

the Angora cat — a beautiful animal with the balanced constitution. The constitution of the Angora cat reminds Siamese, balineziysky and oriental short-haired – a body of a streamline shape, long and graceful.
Neck graceful.

head Length average, wedge-shaped form. Strong chin. Expression of a muzzle clever, sensitive.

of an Eye of the Angora cat almond-shaped, slightly slantwise put.

the large ears pointed are put highly and quite closely to each other.

of the Extremity quite long, dry, pads small, oval.

the Tail long, is pointed at the end.

Hair of the Angora cat silky, thin, on a tail — plumose and long.

are recognized different colors and coloring Now: smoky (a silvery underfur), tortoise, tabb (spotty and striped) with any pattern, vualevy. Eyes at cats of this color green. And traditional completely white Angora cats can have blue, green eyes or multi-colored (one eye green, another — blue).

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