• May 25, 2019

acupuncture is Today a demanded method of therapy. The efficiency is reached thanks to impact on active points of a body. It is remarkable that this way is applied not only to people, acupuncture for treatment of cats and dogs is also actively used.

Treatment of Cats and Dogs Acupuncture

method Essence

Acupuncture — one of the directions in the field of holistic medicine. The last considers an organism a whole and considers interaction between bodies and systems .

Acupuncture at Dogs

The basic principles of acupuncture came from classical Chinese medicine. However this way of influence was widely used also in other Asian countries. According to wise men of China, on the surface of a body there is a set of special zones which are called acupuncture points. It is remarkable that they settle down in parallel, in strictly certain places along all surface of a body. The head and extremities is not an exception.

Through points circulation of vital energy is carried out by . Medical influence consists in activation or, on the contrary, in weakening of these zones thanks to needles, aromatic cigars or sticks and also by means of massage, etc.

in the territory of Russia this way is applied to treatment of the person not one decade, however for animals acupuncture is used not so long ago.

of the Indication to carrying out

Acupuncture of animals is considered a safe and effective method of treatment without use of medicines today. Therefore, the procedure has no contraindications or side effects.

Practice shows that cats and dogs well transfer manipulations and often do not react to statement of a needle in any way. It is caused by the fact that at animals a high pain threshold. such therapy perfectly proved In veterinary medicine in fight against pathologies of the musculoskeletal device:

Acupuncture of animals

  • paresis;
  • lamenesses;
  • neuritis;
  • diskopatiya;
  • paralyzes;
  • miozit;
  • various injuries;
  • arthroses, etc.

Now experts already have wide experience of use of acupuncture for fight against various diseases of animals. By means of this therapy the conductivity of fibers, traffic of fabrics improves and also various exchange processes are activated.

It is remarkable that the acupuncture is applied not only as treatment , but also as restoration . Veterinarians claim that at addition of acupuncture to the standard scheme it is possible to reduce the rehabilitation period significantly.

Acupuncture for Animals

For example, after removal of a hernia nuclei pulposi at dachshunds purpose of similar treatment will allow to improve significantly mobility . The similar situation is also with cats.

Acupuncture — one of ways of fight against various pathologies, and not only for the person, but also for pets. Such therapy perfectly proved therefore it is no wonder that its popularity increases every day.

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