• Mar 19, 2019

of the Cat are not only gentle and fluffy creations, but also an image of homeliness. There are more than ten various breeds, but all of them are united by the aspiration of animals to crash out in search of love. Aggravation is most often observed with arrival of spring, then it is possible to notice obvious 5 signs of approach of the first techka at a cat.

Approach of the first techka at a cat: 5 signs

Techka is the period which is characterized by the aspiration to continue the sort. As a rule, its duration is 5−7 days.

If a cat did not become pregnant, then time of the following techka will come in the range from 1 week up to 1 month.

Sexual hunting at females is followed by the following changes in behavior:

Approach of the First Techka at a Cat

The First Techka at a Cat

  • the Aspiration to run away from the apartment on the street . Instincts subordinate themselves an animal, the cat during this period will not miss an opportunity to jump out through an open window or an entrance door. For this reason it is necessary to watch closely the alumna.
  • Tender behavior, aggression flash times . This period is followed by the fact that she desperately wants to draw attention to herself and will follow the owner on heels, to make up.
  • of the Female try to attract a male by tagging of the territory . Cats excellently hear a smell of pheromones which concentration in urine in the period of a techka just reads off scale.
  • Seeking to continue a sort, females at the instinctive level accept the pose, the most suitable for pairing. They drop to front pads, lowering a front part of a trunk to a floor, and back lifting and taking a tail aside.
  • Loud miaow . The cat is capable to make specific sounds during the whole time of a techka. Certainly that these exclamations are unpleasant for a human ear, but there is no way out.

Should noting that the puberty period at each female comes at different times, features of each organism are individual, you should not forget about it.

As a rule, symptoms of first "hunting" are shown in an interval between 6 and 10 months from a sort. Large breeds ripen later, in comparison with the tiny relatives.

But approach of puberty does not say that the alumna should be carried immediately on knitting.

At so early age of a female still are physiologically not capable to take out and give rise to healthy posterity. The most suitable age for fertilization of 16−20 months.

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