• Dec 23, 2018

As cats, unlike dogs, not always differ in special friendliness and pleasant temper, people often have a question – as they get on with children? And whether it is worth getting kitties if at your place there are children?

to Children is better to get a kitten

There is an important point – to adult children. It which the feelings and emotions are capable to control. It is main task of parents – to explain to kids that to what, to tell that a kitten live and it is not necessary to offend him.
It is worth getting a little kitten – they more naughty and playful, and adult cats already differ in a peculiar character and temper.

it is worth refraining From some breeds

Some cat breeds, especially exotic, can give are quite aggressive. It concerns, for example, Siamese cats. Whatever beautiful they were, they can not get on with children.

Talk to children

Any cat will be are afraid of children if he uses her as a soft toy, without paying attention to its feelings. But you can prevent it, having just talked to the kid. Explain to him that a kitty live, and to her it is painful – and then problems, most likely, will not be.

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