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Today in Russia exists many cats and dogs shelters helping to keep lives of many animals.

As Cats and Dogs Shelters in Moscow Work
Today in Russia many cats and dogs shelters

What the organizations are


Municipal and private animals shelters are created for keeping of pets, holding necessary hygienic and veterinary procedures. The main objectives of city detention centers of the caught animals are: their reception and timely placement, granting quarantine platforms, keeping of the animals confiscated by a court decision. Overexposure of the lost pets until return to their owners also belongs to duties of the organizations. Important aspect of activity of shelters for animals is search of new owners by means of advertizing. Volunteers do colourful photos of the wards, posting online them.

Most often the thrown dogs, are more rare than a cat, become the victims of irresponsibility of the owners owing to what get to an animals shelter. There are pets of the most different breeds and age. At everyone the character, habits and habits. Contain in shelters of cats and dogs separately. There are organizations which are taking care only of dogs, for example, a shelter "the Red Pine" in Moscow. Animals get to shelters in the different ways: after moving owners did not wish to take some with themselves, having left the favourite on the street, threw out others as superfluous, and someone's owners died long ago. Sometimes refuse the pet because of his aggressive behavior, making the decision to give a dog to a shelter on re-education.

As Cats and Dogs Shelters in Moscow Work

of the Condition for animals

All organizers and volunteers seek for creation of the best conditions for the wards. The big animals shelter is usually equipped with the modern veterinary clinic equipped with a quarantine zone for the caught animals. There they go after obligatory survey on the receiver. Vetklinika has all necessary equipment for treatment and carrying out operations for sick cats and dogs. At the state surely there is an experienced veterinarian. All animals receive the individual chip and are brought in uniform state base. Services of hotel for animals whose owners are sent on leave are sometimes provided. Healthy dogs whom volunteers attach to new owners contain separately.

a dogs Shelter in Moscow (video)

the Most frequent problems

These institutions are often crowded and experience the mass of difficulties – the constant shortage of rooms, insufficient financing. To provide with Problemno to the wards all necessary conditions for normal life and restoration of their health.

The homeless puppies especially need a zone for walking and training platforms for education. It will prepare them for life in the new house.

Always more difficult happens to attach a dog from a shelter. Once vagrant animals cause less sympathy, than expensive and thoroughbred. Volunteers of the centers strenuously work on advertizing and dissemination of information on the wards, however a question of how to attach dogs, remains relevant and today.

As Cats and Dogs Shelters in Moscow Work
Municipal and private animals shelters are created for keeping of pets, holding necessary hygienic and veterinary procedures

How to take a dog

The excellent decision will be to take the pet from a shelter. The dogs who were on street need to be attached. It is absolutely free, and the gratitude and love of an animal are invaluable. If you want to get a puppy, it is the simplest to address in a municipal or private dogs shelter. There you will be in detail told about all pets, you will be able to choose suitable and to communicate to him. For example, a shelter of "Gav" – the small center where about 150 dogs live, and all of them need love and attention. It is possible to find it to the address: Moscow region, Odintsovo district. Small Vyazema.

If you are afraid that there will be difficulties in education, take a young animal. It easily adapts in new conditions. The puppy should be looked for in nursery for animals, doggies of different age live there: from the smallest and teenagers to adult individuals. Address in "the Red Pine" – a dogs shelter. It is the most convenient to contact the volunteer who sponsors a puppy, by phone number +7 (926) 153-11-49 and will agree about a personal meeting. It is simple and absolutely safe to take a dog from a shelter in Moscow.

It is easy to take a cat too. It is enough to contact the volunteer also will address for consultation in a homeless cats shelter. This excellent decision if you live in the apartment and you want to buy an animal of the small sizes. Address in a private cats shelter, for example, to Murkosha which is located at in Moscow: Ostashkovskaya St., 14. All cats and cats are given free of charge, you need to have only a small interview with their trustees. Shelter phone number: +7 (925) 318-13-72 or +7 (926) 154-62-36. In the center to you will hold consultation, will light highlights of keeping of an animal, ensuring its safety and maintenance of health. Will tell how to look after cats and what needs to be got initially. Do not doubt – the charity cat will fall in love with you.

As Cats and Dogs Shelters in Moscow Work

Often there is no clear split of dog and cat's shelters: animals contain in one organization, but separately. So if you did not decide on the desires yet, it is possible to visit similar institution. There are several options of interaction with pets: guardianship and overexposure of the house. Guardianship is a communication with an animal, his feeding and a game with it in a shelter. Suits those who are not up to the end sure whether he will be able to take the responsibility for the living being. An example of such organization is "Eko Biryulevo" – a municipal shelter in Moscow. You can agree about a meeting with the volunteer by phone number: +7 (929) 661-53-64.

Quite often people are afraid to take the pet from a shelter as doubt his health and habits. But these fears are groundless as health of an animal is watched closely by the veterinarian. For correction of behavior the trainer and the cynologist works with it. The volunteer will give the green light only if itself is fully confident that it is possible to give a dog or a cat to new owners. All animals are absolutely ready to it. In large shelters nurseries for absolutely young wards are organized.

Shelter for cats (video)

Need to transfer an animal to a shelter

The homeless animals in Moscow are a big problem. They can be aggressive and dangerous to inhabitants. But it is not necessary to try to resolve an issue independently, finding out where it is possible to give an animal. The city authorities develop and carried out the plan for catching and the room of the vagrant and thrown animals in a municipal dogs and cats shelter in Moscow. There volunteers work with them, putting in order of animals, looking after pets to whom has not the luck to be on street. Search of the house where it is possible to transfer a dog will be the following stage.

In a situation when own pet bothered, ached, it became aggressive or simply it is not necessary, many owners ask a question where to hand over an animal. First of all there is a thought to present or leave on care to friends, acquaintances or relatives. If they have no opportunity to support the pet – to address in a homeless animals shelter in Moscow or any other city. Most likely, you will face refusal because the state shelters accept animals strictly according to the regulations made by the Justice. Better in that case give pets in a kind charge, independently posting announcements on the websites or in appropriate sections of the newspaper with marks "take a dog free of charge" or "I will give in a good charge". Now you have to decide where you will attach a dog. Try to find for her the most comfortable new conditions because the living being deserves worthy life. A dogs shelter in Moscow or other city – not the place for pets.

As Cats and Dogs Shelters in Moscow Work
the Excellent decision will be to take the pet from a shelter

important to understand that in these organizations animals contain in narrowness. They lack human communication and attention of owners. The impossibility to move fully and actively leads to a stress and oppressed mood. Therefore just to hand over a dog in a shelter – not the best idea if before she lived at home, it will be especially difficult for it to adapt to new conditions.

If such measures are inevitable, try to address to the private organizations which addresses and phones are stated above.

How to be if you want to help, but to support an animal itself has no opportunity? If you are ready to transfer money for needs of the thrown animals, do not know where to give leads unnecessary you, a forage and other them accessories, address to specialized charity foundations of the help to shelters for animals. One of them – Ray fund – is in Ramensky district. It is possible to call a shelter by phone number: +7 (985) 066-77-49, you will be surely consulted. In "A red pine" - a dogs shelter – a large number of animals therefore volunteers constantly are required lives. These are people who will look after wards, to feed and walk them. It is important to take active part in public relations of pets, it is necessary to attach dogs somewhere over time. On the basis of this establishment there are nurseries for animals for whom constant control and leaving are required.

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