• Aug 3, 2019
House representatives of the cat family are mysterious

and up to the end are not studied to this day therefore selections of the interesting facts about them are always relevant. The attitude towards cats in the ancient time not at all people was identical, however, as well as now: some esteemed, idolized and cherished these animals, others compared them to powers of darkness. It is considered that the first domestic cats appeared in Egypt therefore it is necessary to begin with this country.

Selection of the Interesting Facts about the Attitude towards Cats in the Ancient Time

Ancient Egyptians

With the greatest respect treated cats who lived in palaces of Pharaohs. They were considered sacred, in their honor temples were under construction and cults were created. After their death the Pharaoh by tradition shaved off to himself eyebrows. Except jewelry and sound treasures in a coffin to the Egyptian governor put the mummified cats. These animals were considered as good conductors in a next world .

From where such love? First of all cats were appreciated as hunters: they protected barns with grain from rodents and caught snakes, dangerous to the person. As rats were carriers of incurable diseases, and snakes could bite and poison with poison, cats can really be considered heroes of mankind.

there are A little more interesting facts:

As concerned cats in the ancient time

  1. God R was represented a red cat.
  2. The goddess Bastet is a patroness of fun, love, beauty and fertility — it was represented in the form of the woman with the cat's head.
  3. Murder of cats involved the death penalty .
  4. In 390 AD the cat's cult was forbidden by the emperor, however the love to these animals did not die away.

Slavic traditions

In Russia cats though were not idolized, but strong respected what tell their images in folklore about. Same reason: protection of grain and the house from various wreckers. the Cat was allocated with special sacral sense , was considered as the conductor between the worlds and participated in ceremonies and plots. For example, into the new house of the first let a cat that that undertook all troubles and saved owners from artful destiny.

Cats in Slavic Times

affected negative attitude to black pets Christianity where all dark and shaggy is surely connected with the devil. But pagan Slavs had no such bias.

Other facts:

A cat - Velez's companion

  1. The cat was the companion of Velez, one of the central gods of a Slavic pantheon.
  2. In Slavic folklore the cat is represented doubly. She embodies evil spirit in some fairy tales, in others — acts as the assistant to the main characters.
  3. Also the cat was considered as a brownie, a home symbol, preserved the house against other brownies.

the Attitude towards animals in Judaism

Not everywhere and not always understanding of the same things coincides. So, in Judaism to cats the relation sharply negative. Why so occurred, unclear, but they are considered as dirty and vicious beings. Moreover, cats are never mentioned in the Torah. In the modern world treat them more loyally.

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