• May 18, 2019

how cats love master's caress. Though also rare exceptions which categorically do not transfer any touches occur among them. It will be interesting to many owners of four-footed favourites to learn how frequent strokings affect a cat.

How Often It Is Necessary to Stroke Cats

As is possible and it is impossible to iron a cat

For a start it is worth understanding that cats very selfish creations, and, unlike dogs who are always glad to presence of the person allow to iron themselves only when it is wanted. Therefore you should not be surprised if the cat who was just purring on a lap suddenly begins to be scratched and escape.

the Majority of cats do not love when they are long ironed , and at once begin to be licked to get rid of smell of human. Besides, there are certain places on a body of cats where strokings are most pleasant to them.

Places where It Is Possible to Iron a Cat


  • the site of the head between ears;
  • side parts of a muzzle, near moustaches;
  • chin, inside of a neck and breast;
  • pads and area of small pillows.

Frequent strokings are in these parts very pleasant to almost all cats because quite so cats lick the little kittens. Four-footed pets remember it and willingly accept caress of the person. Besides, in such a way cats mark owners with the smell.

Scientists of the University of California during the researches found out that at cats under skin are the special neurons distinguishing only some signals there are strokings. But frequent touches can cause a stress and even aggression in an animal. By the nature of a cat — beings self-sufficient, and constant presence of the person not only is not necessary for them, and at times and it is unpleasant.

As cats communicate with people

As Strokings Influences Cats

it is necessary to Iron the pet , but only when he shows such willingness, for example, jumps on knees or rubs about the owner's legs. In other cases the animal will just suffer touches or will try to evade from them.

Owners of cats should know that there are certain sites which are better for not touching at all, especially if business concerns foreign pets. It is a cat's stomach and a tail. In these parts cats will not suffer touch of human hands, especially from strangers.

Most of researchers agreed in opinion that frequent strokings and excessive attention to the fluffy person can negatively affect her health and even to lead to a stress. Therefore it is worth nevertheless trying to restrain and not to iron a cat every time when it wants. It is better to grant to the pet the right to freedom and personal space.

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