• Oct 6, 2019

Most often pets independently cope with personal care. Despite it, sometimes cats nevertheless need the help of the owner, especially if it is about clarification of teeth. The choice of suitable paste and a brush and also all stages of clarification will be in detail described in this article.

As It Is Correct to Brush Teeth to a Cat

the Correct means for cleaning

Do not use the sanitary products intended for people as they do not suit cats at all at all. The bristle of a usual brush too rigid for gentle gums of an animal, and human toothpaste is simply dangerous to his health. The matter is that the components toxic for cats are a part of such means. Besides, the amount of fluorine, normal for the person, can damage tooth enamel of the pet.

Therefore behind all necessary objects it is necessary to go to the nearest veterinary drugstore or pet-shop. Also pay attention that there are several kinds of toothbrushes among which is:

  • put on a finger. It is the most widespread option. Besides such brush is simple in use and costs not much;
  • usual brush. This option differ from human only in a type of the used bristle and a handle form. Such brush has to be selected proceeding from the sizes of a jaw of an animal;
  • liquid brush. This special means which needs to be mixed with drinking water. The cat will drink ready solution right after meal and to clean teeth. Additional use of paste will not be required any more. The only minus of such means – its high price.

All toothpastes for cats are made taking into account physiological features of these animals. Glycerin, каррагенан, triphosphate and necessary enzymes surely is a part of means. Regular use of paste reduces quantity of harmful bacteria, a dental plaque, reduces risk of development of caries and also removes an unpleasant smell from a mouth. That process of toothbrushing became more comfortable, the majority of pastes are produced with meat taste.

Technology of cleaning

Before to start toothbrushing, give to a cat the chance to get used to new objects in a quiet situation. Let the animal will sniff and will consider a brush. Toothpaste needs to be given not smelled, but also to try. It is desirable to carry out such "acquaintance" several days in a row prior to the procedure. For carrying out toothbrushing it is necessary to choose suitable time when the cat is quiet and full, but at the same time is not going to sleep.

When necessary preparation is made, it is possible to pass to the procedure. It consists of the following stages:

  • in advance prepare paste and a brush;
  • that it was more convenient to you, put a cat on a back and strong record. If the animal too timid, is safer to swaddle him in a big towel or a plaid. But even at such option can be required by you someone's help;
  • now open for a cat of companies, bare teeth and begin cleaning: move a toothbrush from top to down, then – here and there. Remember that it is necessary to clean not only external, but also inside of teeth;
  • when the procedure is ended, surely treat a cat with delicacy. It is necessary in order that the animal had no negative associations.

Toothbrushing it is necessary carries out at least once a week, and it is the best of all to do it twice. If in your house there live more than one cat, surely get an individual toothbrush for each of them.

Regular toothbrushing of a pet helps to avoid emergence of a scale and other problems with an oral cavity. If you suddenly do not manage to carry out the procedure, this day treat a cat with the special stone bought in pet-shop. The substances interfering formation of a scale and destroying harmful bacteria are a part of such delicacies.

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