• Sep 16, 2019

it is important to
to know, as is correct to store a dry feed , otherwise he not only will lose the properties, but can even do much harm to your pet.

of the Rule of storage of a dry feed

  • Packing of dry has to be closed to minimize contact with air.
  • If you buy a forage by weight, fill it in a plastic can and densely close a cover. It is possible to use iron and glass jars also.
  • If you bought big packing of a forage (more than for a month), pour out a small amount (approximately for a week) in bank with densely closed cover less often to open a big bag.
  • you do not store sterns near heating devices or in the sun. High temperature leads to release of fat, and the forage spoils.
  • the Cold place (for example, the refrigerator) — too the improper choice. In a bag with a dry feed condensate can collect, and the forage will grow mouldy.
  • do not leave in a bowl the soaked dry feed for the whole day: it will turn sour.

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