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In family there was a new pet, and there was quite reasonable question of how to call a kitten the girl. That, task hard, but interesting. It is earlier practically all cats called Muskami or Murkami, now it is accepted to consider both appearance of an animal, and his color, and traits of character. The interesting selection of various cat's nicknames will help to help with the solution of a dilemma.

As It Is Possible to Call a Kitten — the Girl
In family there was a new pet, and there was quite reasonable question how to call a kitten девочку.

Окраска and a nickname: that the general

First of all the name for a cat has to be memorable not to stand in confusion, guessing what name of people to it thought up a week ago. can be Helped with the choice of a name by a hair coloring of an animal, his color.

  • It is possible to call black girls the Night, Bagira, Speaking in a deep voice, Bianka, Maslinka, the Gipsy dance, Chernyshka, Chorri, Cheeta, Chuchi, Chio, the Southerner, Jasmin (Yaska or Yasya).
  • White kitties can bear names Alaska, Zhasminika, Izolda, Kefirka (Кэфи), Merlin, Rafaelka, the Squirrel, Vanilka, Bella, Zefirka, the Snowball, Morozhenk.
  • Gray kittens – girls for certain will begin to respond on the nicknames Cinderella (Зося), Sar, Simon (Sima, the Sim card or Simochka), Steffie (Stesha). It is possible to call the British korotkoshersty kitty the Haze, the Lavender or the Forget-me-not. By the way, the gray shade of wool is called kolumbinovy, so имечко Columbina (Colombia) also suits them. And it is possible to call the Siberian fluffy girl of gray color by the Cloudlet or Tumanka.
As It Is Possible to Call a Kitten — the Girl
First of all the name for a cat has to be memorable not to stand in confusion, guessing what name of people to it thought up a week ago.
  • Red kitties – the phenomenon quite rare, most often red coloring happens only at cats, and still there are names suitable for the goldilocks of the cat's kingdom. It is Orange, Ognasya, Ananask (Ананася), Tangerine, the Toast, Toffee, the Sparkle (Ися). And still Chocolate, Cinnamon, the Sun, Hani (in translation from English – honey) and Persimmon.
  • Three-colored, striped and tortoise kittens – girls most often receive predatory options of names: Leopard, Puma, Tiger, Amurka, Ryska or Predator. And there are also more tender names: A butterfly, the Freckle, the Bee, the Floret (Flower), the Jasper or Fensi (in translation from English "figured" means).

As can call a kitten girl (video)

Name and character

How it is possible to call a kitten the girl if from the first day of acquaintance she differs in strong personality, distinctive features of character or unusual behavior? Of course, at first sight to see such highlight can be difficult, but it is possible to wait a little with the choice of a name for a kitten at least several days.

  1. As an angel quiet and tender kitties definitely will suit names of Ladushk, the Swallow, the Mollycoddle, Nympha, the Cutie, the Joy, the Entertainment, Sonka, Stesnyasha (Cutie), Tiffany, Shusha or Heppi (in translation from English "happy" means).
  2. It is possible to call pride and independent girls Amazon, the Goddess, the Baroness, the Countess, Glamurka, Pannochka, the Princess, Tsesarevna, the Queen, Shakherezada, Queen Margot, Quinn (in translation from English "queen" also means). The British kitty it is possible to call the Lady, Marquis, Elite.
  3. Disobedient pussycats with prickly character will suit a name Roza, Krapivka, the Prickle, Ezhka (Blackberry), Vedmochka, Peppercorn, the Hooligan, the Spy, Drakosha. Pride British it is possible to call Byyuti (in translation from English "beauty" means), Mrs. or Shayni ("shining").
  4. The playful kitten who does not do nothing minutes needs definitely to select the same bright and original nicknames. For example: Fidget, Anfisa (Anfisk), Aygul (east name), Flash. Or Gremislava, Entertainment, Dragonfly, Eula.

As It Is Possible to Call a Kitten — the Girl

of the Nickname from owners originals

Many owners fluffy мурлык prefer to call the pets cool, originally and with an invention. It is possible to list long all imaginable and inconceivable cat's nicknames, but is better to give the most successful and ridiculous options:

  • And there is a wish to call large kittens Doughnut, Grushka, Sausage, Fiona.
  • Tiny cats are often called Pass, the Bead (Буся), Cherry, Thumbelina, the Bittock, Pupsya (Пуся), Fasolka, the Gadget (Fen), Pistachio, Cherry.
  • How to call a gray kitten the girl for admirers of animated films – a question simple, of course, Chloé, quite so call a cat – the glutton from the animated film about secret life of pets. And here some more popular nicknames from admirers of series and animated films: Masyanya, Khalisi, Cersei, Demi Moore, Evlampiya, Dafna.
  • Owners of modern gadgets, expensive cars or precious minerals names to the cats select corresponding. For example: Toyota, Mazda, Nokia, Matrix, Rubina, Chanel, Prada, Bax.

As It Is Possible to Call a Kitten — the Girl

  • Keen astronomers and astrologers, inveterate fishermen and also polyglots choose to a cat a name from the hobbies. There are several examples: An alpha, Cassiopeia, the Siren, Hera, Hellas, Zakidushka, the Spinner, Lizetta (instead of the Russian name Lisa).
  • If the owner bought a thoroughbred kitten, so it already has a name, and for certain it quite grandiose and long. Call the thoroughbred kitty by the derivative reduced name. If the cat is called Bellatris, the reduced option will be Bella, Nataniella – Nata, Gabriella – Gabbi, Marisol – Masya.
  • At admirers of a gastronomy even the cat is called a tasty name: Wafer, Sweet tooth, Caramel, Cookie, Malinka, Dyushesk, Fruit-paste sweet, Drying, Berry, Toffee.
  • And if there is no wish for any inventions at all, it is possible to pick up имечко from the following options: Apochka, Anfisk, Bosya, Grun, Duska, Sweetheart, Eve, Zuleyka, Zyusha, Yokka, Cap, Cassie, Cat. Or from such: Люся, Marusya, Murkissa, Musya, Maska, Nyusya, Nyusha, Osya, Syau Myau, Tosya, Hanging out, Ursula, Fimka, Frosya, Fekla. The greyish kitten can quickly get used to Sherry, Steffi, Chakki or Ashley's name.

How to choose a kitten (video)

To give a question of what nickname to the kitty, it is necessary to solve slowly, are named once and for all, often having a strong impact on character and habits of the maturing pet.

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