• Dec 14, 2019

my Vaska appeared in the house accidentally: came itself to apartment doors. It was shy knocked with pads and several times gave a miaow. Of course, it was let in and warmed. And then decided to leave for ever at all, very much the fluffy pleased.

As Our Cat of Vask Nearly Lost a Tail because of the Battery

Today I cannot present the life without this gentle being. Red became its integral part.

Once there was to Vasily an amusing, but sad episode. After intense day of work I wanted to have a rest. I conveniently settled down in front of the TV and included favourite series. The mug of strong black tea to a vprikusk with chocolate very much helps to relax.

The cat usually liked to lie near by, but today it was not: obviously, chose other vacation spot. When eyes began to be closed for fatigue, on the apartment the heart-breaking cry rushed.

I jumped up on the place. The dream instantly disappeared. Shout repeated with the doubled force. It became clear that Vaska got into trouble. In three years of joint life with this shaggy monster I learned to distinguish his emotions on intonation of miaow.

The voice reached from the bathroom. Without deliberating, I rushed there. Having seen the events, was stupefied and grabbed heart.

The poor cat actually was stuck. He could not tear off a tail from the battery! Wool stuck tightly. Eyes of an animal expressed fear. How could it occur? I approached closer, and here everything became clear.

The matter is that in the morning I painted the battery. Moreover color chose saturated-turquoise. There was a wish to add bright paints, to update a little an interior. But it was impossible and to assume, than such eagerness will turn back.

Now the cat rushed about in a fright and heart-rendingly shouted, vainly trying to release a tail. It is possible to imagine despair of the small animal who lost ability to movement.

Fortunately, everything ended safely. The cat did not suffer. However, wool on a tail on the one hand had to be cut off. Otherwise to release Vasily it would not turn out.

And it went then the whole four weeks with a scanty tail, showing all the rights of the victim. For as received favourite entertainments more often than for all the time of stay in the apartment.

Nowadays Vaska prospers and is well. The cat forgot about this incident for a long time. Recovered, grew a fur coat even more smartly than former. But the battery has a reddish shade now. Separate hairs of wool stuck to it, and still nothing possible to get rid of them.

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