• Feb 6, 2019

Probably, all owners of cats thought of how their pets can reproduce these unusual purring sounds, it is so pleasant to listen to them. Besides they render the calming effect. Scientists revealed a secret of a sound which is made by cats when мурлычат. It appears, it makes positive impact not only on cats, but also on the person.


of the Reason of purring of cats

If owners learn to define what means purring at cats, their joint life will become more harmonious, then it will be easier for person to understand the pet. Exists several reasons for which cats express purr these or those emotions:

Purring of Cats

Purring Reasons

  1. Communication. Except movements, pets can communicate several sounds which throughout evolution they learned to reproduce, purr concerns them too. It can also have different intonation. For example, if the cat is hungry, it is similar to a hnykanye, so the animal awakens a parental instinct in the person, eliciting to eat. From this it is possible to draw a conclusion that cats purr not only when to them it is good, but also for expression of other feelings.
  2. Manifestation of happiness. Positive emotions, satiety and health of the pet are one more reason of this sound. Kittens purr when they are licked by mother, and an adult cat at meal time. One more of signs of manifestation of happiness is a pleasure from stroking on the head or a pochesyvaniye behind an ear. When the owner sees that his pet is happy, he improves mood, and nerves calm down. Undervoltage helps to lower pressure, thanks to it cats can render medical effect on the person.
  3. Communication of kittens and mother. During feeding the cat purrs and, thus, communicates with the children. These sounds work as the calming lullaby. In several days after the birth it is possible to hear purr of kittens. The sight and hearing not completely developed in this period at them. Making such sound, they can tell mother what is with them everything is all right or to draw her attention.

Purr of cats has much deeper value, than can seem at first sight. Owners should not neglect disturbing signals if purring of a cat comes not from positive emotions.

Scientific facts

Purring is reproduced during all respiratory cycle on a breath and on an exhalation. As it is possible without respite, is still little-known, but nevertheless several reasons exists:

Scientific Facts

Pain relief

  • Soft palate. It has the extended form with skeletal muscle fibers and is in a back part of a throat, thanks to it the animal can reproduce this unusual sound.
  • Vocal chords. On one of theories throat muscles help to purr, they open and close pass between vocal chords, receiving a signal from a brain of a cat, these muscles are able to make up to 150 vibrations a second.
  • Blood swirling. When at an animal the blood-groove in the main artery in which there is a narrowing near a cat's diaphragm increases, this stream causes rhythmic noise.
  • Hypoglossal stone. It looks as a number of small bones which support language and a throat on the place, on one of theories during vibration of a hypoglossal bone purring appears.
  • False vocal chords. These are mucous membranes which are located in a voice box, their vibration causes this pleasant sound.

In certain cases infectious cat's peritonitis is so shown. This viral disease which inflames a mucous membrane of a stomach. During this disease cats constantly purr .

Pain relief

Sometimes the reason can be hidden in a disease of the pet. But there is also it that the cat thus wishes to relieve pain to the owner. Types of possible diseases in the period of which can hear purring of cats:

Cat at the Veterinarian

  1. Healing of fractures and stretchings. A certain range which is similar to ultrasound used during physical therapy helps cats to recover after during a long dream of their muscle and a bone weaken. Except themselves, they are capable to treat the same diseases at people.
  2. Purring at the time of delivery. This sound helps to start process of "release" of endorphins which are hormones of happiness and powerful anesthetic. In the wild nature shouts at the time of delivery would attract predators therefore the animal replaced them with purring.
  3. Breath improvement. If the person has the problems connected with a disease of lungs purring of a cat can do exercises, for example, to breathe synchronously. This sound helps to restore a normal rhythm of breaths and exhalations.
to Try to reproduce

independently purr of cats is not necessary. It is almost impossible to make it. Such sounds cause an otdyshka in people.

of the Cat, not able to purr

It appears, not all from the cat family are able to make this sound. It is all about the structure of a hypoglossal bone which elastic and flexible at the animals capable to roar. During a roar it stretches, and at other cats the hypoglossal bone has other building which helps to purr.

The Cats Who Are Not Able to Purr

Pets differ from wild in many anatomic features. Those which are able to purr cannot growl and vice versa. Wild cats have flat and rectangular vocal chords which lower pressure in lungs and they help to publish a loud roar, and at house triangular shape.

Evolution created purr for pets who need to communicate with people and with the relatives. They do not need to make loud sounds, unlike wild which have to keep every day the opponents in awe and fight for food .

But there are also exceptions. For example, the cheetah and a lynx are able to purr. And here an endangered species a snow leopard, having a flexible hypoglossal stone, neither that, nor other sound is capable to reproduce. Everything what the animal learned, it to publish unusual noise which people nicknamed shout of a devil.

Krom of cats, their near relatives of a genet and mongooses can purr

. Except them, such sounds meet at guinea pigs and even hyenas.

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