• Oct 28, 2019

of the Cat long since were considered as the mythical animals having ability to see that not considerably to the person and to protect it from influence of dirty forces. For long time many signs, connected with unusual behavior of a cat appeared. About six of them on which it is worth paying special attention you learn from this article.

As the cat protects owners from the evil and a malefice: 6 interesting signs

the Cat sat down on a table after leaving of guests

Owners usually are angry when the cat climbs on a table, especially lunch, paws at her not really clean. Animals not silly and well remember what they were abused for and where they are forbidden to climb. But sometimes they violate rules and all the same strive to sit down on a table again, at the same time obviously prepare for abuse and watchfully bend down ears.

If at you guests visited and the alumna persistently climbs on a table, means it is worth paying attention to these people, cats are especially sensitive to a negative. According to a sign, getting on a table after leaving of guests, the cat tries to absorb in herself all evil which was inflicted by those people that it did not pass to owners.

the Cat sleeps in a bed with the small child

Cats very much like to go to bed to small children that very much irritates most of parents and they constantly expel them from there. Pets well feel vulnerability of the baby to influence of a negative, malefice or evil forces therefore try to lie closer and to take away all bad on themselves.

But, despite advantage, it is necessary to look after an animal, the weight of a cat practically same, as well as at the child, so, it can press down it. Also the child is not steady against toxoplasmosis and worms with which the cat can infect him.

the Cat long sits near an entrance door

Fluffy pets very much love soft sofas, rugs and beds therefore their sit-round gathering near an entrance door where it is usually not really clean, can seem rather strange. It appears, they so guard an entrance to housing from evil spirit which can do much harm to the owner.

If you noticed how the cat sits on a threshold, do not abuse it, stroke better and thank for vigilance and protection.

the Pet lays down in a headboard

Cats are capable not only to feel a negative, but also to distinguish diseases of the person, to feel his weak points in an organism.

If the alumna laid down on a pillow and nestled on the head, means tries to save you from evil thoughts, a stress and an other negative which does not allow to sleep peacefully. But the aspiration is constant to lie in a headboard has to guard surely you, development of any dangerous pathology – neurosis, violations in brain blood circulation, migraine and even emergence of a new growth is not excluded.

the Cat lies in legs at the owner after unlucky day

In a day not only physical fatigue, but also negative power collects. Esoterics claims that all this concentrates mainly in legs of the person therefore cats seek to settle in the evening exactly there. These sensitive pets try to take away on themselves all fatigue of the owner, to clean his aura.

Also the cat is capable to define, for example, a varicosity which will try to cure as a result continuous lying in legs.

the Cat loudly mews

and rages before leaving of the owner

If the cat usually quiet and suddenly began to rage and mew before your leaving – be late houses if it is possible. Most likely, your fluffy alumna guessed danger which expects behind a threshold and strenuously tries to warn about it.

In the people there are many stories how cats saved people from the fire, having woken them loud miaow, or rushed under legs to stop from the approaching danger.

In Ancient Egypt cats were considered sacred and extolled them in a rank of divine beings. We so plunged into the world of technologies that ceased to notice it, and fluffies kept all the abilities to this day and apply them to favourite owners daily.

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