• Feb 7, 2020

When I got acquainted with Igor, all girlfriends envied me. High, beautiful, successful. Such blond knave. I about it so thought at once for some reason. And let say that I to myself invented everything, from the very beginning felt in it some rigidity. But also explained to herself: businessman, own business. Here softness not to cope, the rigidity is necessary also determination. So I spoke to myself.

As the Homeless Kitten Saved Me from Failed Affair

Igor beautifully looked after. Remembered all our dates, skillfully chose gifts — not really expensive that not to put me in an awkward situation, and original. Handmade jewelry, for example. Or the silk batik painted manually. I therefore tell it to show: it had a taste not that some wealthy misters who from the first appointment of girls diamonds give short weight. As the slave buy.

And appointments at us unusual were. To the Baltics for one day, in small restaurant of chef cuisine, on an exhibition of the familiar artist. And always with it it was interesting to me — he knows so much, with such hobby tells about everything. I already decided that I found, at last, the person.

Why at a cat a dry nose

There passed month from the date of our acquaintance. Igor appointed to me a meeting in cafe, presented a bouquet of violets. Everything was as romantic, as in the fairy tale. Candles on tables, gentle music, eyes of the my boyfriend looking tenderness and interest. I was absolutely fascinated.

When we left cafe, the rain began. More likely, slush which do not understand that, not a rain, not snow. Wind threw in a face this obzhigayushche cold rubbish the whole handfuls, I turned away and therefore not at once noticed a kitten.

The poor fellow sat in a corner under a door. Small, lean, wet and such unfortunate that at me heart jammed. He plaintively peeped and approached us. It is visible, to look for protection against cold and hunger. At it even pads shivered, so he shivered.

Care of long-haired cats: 5 golden rules

And suddenly my knight without fear and reproach very much kicks an unfortunate animal! I would exaggerate, of course, it the blow very much precisely killed the baby. But to a kitten also it was enough. He flew away aside, directly in a pool, and plaintively began to cry. At me everything turned over inside, in eyes darkened. I silently lifted the crying small animal, wrapped up him in a scarf and went away from cafe. Igor ran afterwards, told something, explained, say, hates cats, hates, promised something. I only looked at him and told: "I do not deal with fleecers". And he lagged behind. And correctly made. I hardly restrained not to shout at it, not to strike.

To what age grow at cats

On the way home I brought a kitten in veterinary clinic. He broke a pad, severe exhaustion, but nothing threatened his small life. At me did not go in as the huge, strong man could kick a little being with such rage that he even broke to him a pad! I told everything to the grandmother. She only the head shook: "Protect a murlyka now. Thanks to it you saw the real face of the Igor. In time saw".

The cat recovered. Called its Trombone because purrs a bass. Now it is already solid a tomcat in the prime of life. We have with it a mutual love. I consider it the mascot. Whom he considers me, it is unknown.

And I did not see Igor any more. And it is good. I would tell nothing kind to it.

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