• Dec 13, 2018

This warmest story about with what friendship between a dog and a cat sometimes comes to an end.
"We found Vaska, our new pet when left giving. Someone from local brought a kitten, and to the city, apparently, decided not to take away. Understanding that the kid is doomed to death, we decided to shelter him … but at our place there lived a dog by nickname Severus, a big golden retriever. Somehow they will get on?

At first Severus very much was interested in Vaska, and that timidly hid under a sofa. But, having decided probably that it is eternally impossible to do it, it crept out, and our pets unexpectedly made friends. Moreover as!

Severus, as they say, taught the younger friend to everything that he knows. Vaska with enthusiasm gnawed stones, adores a favourite game of the friend – bringing the thrown sphere back. And, above all – it always leaves to walk together with Severus! And even does the things on the street. Let's not understand who at us – a cat with a dog, or two dogs?"

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