• Feb 12, 2019

However many was cats, at everyone unique character and habits. However a lot of things unite their. These are the habits put by the nature based on genetic features. And also the dependence on social factors in which there was an animal with posterity is observed. Buying a kitten, future owner can understand character of a cat on physiology.

How to Understand Character of a Cat on Physiology

Breed as the defining factor

Genes and heredity play an important role in formation of features of temperament of a kitten. They are defined by belonging to this or that breed:

British Cat Breed

Cat Breed Maine Coon

  1. British — quiet, with ease transfers loneliness. Owners suit, the whole day absent at home.
  2. Abyssinian — active, a good choice for the people preferring outdoor games with the pet. Well gets on with other animals in the house.
  3. Siamese — sociable and delicate. Will suit those who talk to cats. On love reciprocates.
  4. Burmansky — talkative and intelligent. Tender, but does not love loneliness.
  5. Persian — quiet and complacent. For those who need the patient and nonaggressive house friend. Is ideal for elderly people.
  6. The Russian blue — is strongly attached to the owner. Hospitable, but jealous.
  7. The bobtail — is independent, loves walks outdoors. Watchfully treats strangers.
  8. A Maine Coon and kornish-reks — well make contact and communication with the person. Are attached to the owner and the house.

to Cats, as well as people, are inherent such traits of character as sociability, responsiveness and attachment.

education Action

Cats — Surprising Creations

Cats — surprising creations , and many would like to have them at home. Besides as soon as possible to find with them a common language. The character and behavior of an animal depend on breed, education, conditions of keeping and relationship with the person. That life with the pet was comfortable, even before acquisition of a kitten to know characteristic features well. About it it is necessary to ask owners of a cat or the manufacturer if the choice fell on nursery.

Kittens it is long are together with mother cat therefore adopt many lines of her character. But its formation is influenced by features of both parents . If they are active, mobile, then and the offspring inherits the same qualities.

it is important to

to know in what situation the kitten grew up. At enough toys and communication such kid also in the future will be cheerful and inquisitive. If he grew in suppression by other animals, then will become timid and closed.

Influence of appearance

As a constitution the character of a cat somewhat is defined. Individuals with a big weight are usually quiet. Thin-boned are easily excitable. Is the assumptions that the character of representatives cat's depends on a wool color:

White Cats

  • white — whimsical touchy persons;
  • black-and-white — contact, but choose one person;
  • black — curious, but nervous;
  • red — quiet, love homeliness;
  • white and red — phlegmatic, prefer rest;
  • striped — independent, abstain from excess contacts.

In other cases can understand character of a cat according to a muzzle. External lines are affected by animal hormones.

Initial inclinations of character of a kitten are put by genes and physiology of parents. But what it will be created finally, in many respects depends on the owner . The attention and love to the pet will help to create trusting relationship to each other.

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