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the Question of how to do a hairstyle to a cat, can interest many who have such pet. Why owners cut the pets, is explained by several reasons: emergence of koltun, skin diseases, an allergy in the owner, desire to improve appearance.

As well as for What Do a Hairstyle to a Cat
Periodically as required carry out a hygienic hairstyle кошек

Гигиеническая a hairstyle

Periodically the hygienic hairstyle of cats is as required carried out. When it is formed колтун, the animal has problems. In this place hair get off, skin is pulled together, air does not get there. There is a deterioration in the state of health. The cat tests an itch. On a body microbes, bacteria and a fungus breed. Inflammation begins. At the strengthened vykusyvaniye of koltun it can be traumatized.

And at a molt when small animals are licked, wool can get into a mouth, and it is easy to swallow it. It is dangerous to normal work of a stomach and an intestinal system.

The hairstyle of a cat helps to avoid unnecessary consequences. It is necessary also when there are already skin diseases. Besides, it is applied if this grown old animal: his fur coat not such strong as at young, its elasticity and density is lost. And the dropped-out long hair litter the apartment. At an allergy to wool at the owner to save him from tortures, this hygienic procedure is required.

As well as for What Do a Hairstyle to a Cat
do not remove wool from the head, a tip of a tail and pads

How often to carry out a grooming, depends on how quickly grow hair. On average – 3 times in a year, especially in hot time. Koltuna are more often possible under pads, on a neck, behind ears and on a tail. It is possible to cut off them, but then the hair will look not really accurately. And at the same time it is easy to wound a skin fold, without having noticed under koltuny its border.

Therefore experts recommend the professional machine. The good result is yielded by application on such machine of nozzle No. 3. It leaves short hair up to 3 mm long on skin. At some diseases of skin nozzles No. 1 or No. 2 giving shorter hairstyle are required.

Do not remove wool from the head, a tip of a tail and pads (to their middle). It is especially attentively necessary to cut tail hair, surely leaving them on the end, it is not less than on a third of length of a tail. Cats very much do not love when they have a bald tail.

Why to cut cats (video)

Model processing of a hair

the model hairstyle is applied To creation of a beautiful hairstyle. It is made with use of hairdressing salons and thinning shears and various hairbrushes. Nozzle No. 3 is put on the machine usually.

It is necessary to consider some interesting cat's hairstyles which are the most popular now. Big manifestation of imagination and art taste is demanded by a hairstyle of cats. They can create such creative image as a lion or a dragon.

For example as the hairstyle of a cat under a lion is carried out: hair leave on a tip of a tail and around the head, creating a lion's mane.

Such model cat's hairstyles serve at the same time for hygiene and image.

As well as for What Do a Hairstyle to a Cat

Hairstyle "dragon":

  1. Wool remains only on the head, paws and a tail.
  2. On top of all length of a back leave a strip on which cut off then the triangles reminding a type of teeth of a dragon.
  3. Decorate with the same triangles a tail. Thus, the cat becomes similar to small a drakonchik.

Sometimes on a back or sides create different drawings in the form of letters, circles, triangles, small squares, etc. All this can be done, in beauty shop or to call the master on the house.

Before holding an action it is necessary to stock up with peroxide of hydrogen or iodine. The assistant holds pads. To begin with a back, passing then to sides. On paws it is possible to cut scissors. To be engaged very carefully in a stomach and an intimate zone. If after the cat is cut, she behaves strange several days, it is necessary to address the veterinarian.

Gallery: hairstyles of cats (28 photos)

Hairstyle of the British, Scottish and Persian breeds

Whether the hairstyle of the British cats is possible? It is known that it is srednesherstny breed, it has a dense underfur why her representatives look as plush toys. the Hairstyle of the British cat is carried out in need of a case:

  • problem skin;
  • if very hot;
  • allergies to wool at owners;
  • if in the apartment the newborn child.

It is possible to do also a model hair for cats, creating fancy pictures. Brightly strips, zigzags on a body or other relief forms look, for example. Only it is necessary to watch whether it upsets the short-haired friend.

Scottish lop-eared breed. Since 1993 the standard short-haired the Scottish cats is adopted . They differ in the fact that at them ears are bent forward. For the first time such phenomenon was found in 1961 in Scotland. It is allowed to cross them to not lop-eared individuals, otherwise the posterity will have a shortened thick tail and strongly bent paws. From it they badly move.

As well as for What Do a Hairstyle to a Cat

Such coloring of cats meet: black, white, blue, cream, striped, spotty, marble, tiger. The trunk is more graceful, than at the thickset British. Elastic, dense, soft wool adjoins to a body. A tail mobile with a sharp tip. After a hairstyle the quality of wool improves.

Such hairstyle as a dragon goes them too. the Hairstyle is possible for breed with a different length of wool. When cut under a lion, do not touch pad, tail hair (a brush or all) and a mane. Other hair are shortened up to 0.5 cm. Transition from the cut-off places to untouched smooth.

"Dragon" leaves so: about 0.5 cm all body, except the head, paws, a tail and a backbone are cut off. Back hair are given the hilly form. The tail is cut off in the form of a fir-tree or a cone. Transition is also smooth. Standing the tonsured cat it is possible to leave socks.

Now the hairstyle of the Persian cats gains great popularity. In particular it becomes appropriate in hot season. Then this procedure will exempt an animal from his warm fur coat. It is possible to cut and when at a molt it is not possible to make comb-out of hair.

As is correct to cut a cat (video)

But in the winter it is not recommended to be done, and that can turn out overcooling during walk. Apply machine nozzles No. 9, 6 and 3 to this action. Alternating hair of different length, create the necessary drawing. Hairstyles of the Persian cats assume a big variety of images thanks to a long hair. For example, with success there will be a smart dragon. After the procedure bathing that the cut-off hairs were not pricked is obligatory.

If the pet becomes sad, it is necessary to talk, calm, tell with him that it became even more beautiful. It has to encourage and lighten it the mood. But some individuals very easily transfer everything and feel normally. It is necessary to consider that sometimes after hairstyles new wool gets other shade. Density of wool or its length can change. It is impossible to take away hair ears, on the head and a muzzle.

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