• Feb 13, 2019

When in family there is a kitten, there is a question of that, how many, as well as what to feed him with? If the kitten was acquired from professional manufacturers, then, as a rule, they advise on this matter, however not always owners agree or ready to this or that method. The improper or unbalanced feeding is fraught with development of stomach diseases, an urinogenital system or intestines, deterioration in health and appearance of an animal. How to avoid it?

As well as with What to Feed a Cat

First of all, it is necessary to remember that irrespective of a way of feeding, it is necessary to give exactly that quantity which can eat an animal, stale food can become the poisoning reason. The kitten always has to have access to fresh, clear water, and it is recommended to change a bowl with water at least 2-3 times a day. Kittens at the age of 2 months need to be fed fractionally 5-6 times a day, gradually reducing the number of feedings, and by a year it is possible to feed a cat 2-3 times a day. There are two ways of feeding of cats, this food ready-made feeds and natural food.

When feeding kittens natural food it is necessary to remember that the diet has to be various, nutritious and balanced. It is not necessary to feed a kitten from a table as the gastrointestinal tract of cats is other than human, it is necessary to prepare separately. Obligatory and the main in a diet of a cat at natural food meat – beef, chicken, a turkey, a rabbit, horse-flesh is. Pork and mutton is not recommended to be given, in view of fat content, it is also necessary to be careful with fish, to give only sea and small portions, 2-3 times a month as fish can cause development of an urolithic disease. Fish is contraindicated to the castrated cats and cats. Any meat before giving has to be exposed to frost. Also, smoked, salty, spices, sweets and chocolate are forbidden for cats as can lead to poisoning, disorder of digestion and even by a lethal outcome.

is not recommended to give bean, soy and starch as these products are not acquired by a cat's organism.

When giving dairy products it is better to give preference to sour-milk, for example, curdled milk or kefir, cottage cheese is also an excellent source of calcium. Cow's milk is badly acquired by a cat's organism as there are no necessary enzymes for its digestion therefore if the kitten needs artificial feeding at small age, it is better to use goat milk or to buy special powdered cat's milk in pet-shop.

As well as with What to Feed a Cat

Also when cooking for cats it is possible to use a chicken egg yolk or quail eggs. Meat needs to be combined with the grain boiled on broth or water. It is necessary to avoid some corn and bean grits as they cause swelling and allergies. It is also possible to add boiled and fresh vegetables. On the specialized websites there is a set of recipes of preparation of various dishes for cats on natural food.

If insufficiently free time on cooking and careful selection of food for the pet, then there is the second way: food ready-made feeds. Now the market of pet goods dazzles with a variety of ready-made feeds for every taste, but generally they share on: stern house-keeper, premium or super-premium class and class "holistik". It is regularly not necessary to feed a cat with sterns the house-keeper of a class as the structure of these forages leaves much to be desired. It can include the processed offal of a bird, meat and fish and also a set of flavoring additives. Nothing terrible if once the pet ate a massmarket forage, but is recommended to transfer it to a regular basis extremely.

A stern the premium and super-premium classes much better and more naturally on structure, but is more expensive. It is better to feed a cat with more expensive forage, than to threaten health of an animal, giving forages of unclear origin. Flavoring lines of such forages are not strongly various, but less artificial additives contain a large amount of protein and also there are specially developed veterinary rulers for the castrated cats, kittens, for cats with the obesity or problems with health leading low-active lifestyle.

As well as with What to Feed a Cat

And at last, recognized as the most qualitative and, as a rule, the most expensive, a stern of the class "holistik". The structure at such forages is most natural and is perfectly acquired, the cat is quicker sated and longer remains full thanks to excellent structure. Best of all is suitable for the cats having tendency to obesity and problems with a digestive tract.

to Solve

what of types of food to apply, only the pet's owner can, everyone selects the best option under itself(himself), but to remember that it is necessary to choose one of types and to adhere to it. Extremely it is not recommended to mix natural food with ready-made feeds as the stomach of a cat cannot quickly be reconstructed.

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