• Apr 9, 2019

during pregnancy goes reorganization of all organism, all processes change. It is the responsible period for an animal. Important aspect is food. The owner needs to know, than to feed a pregnant kitty. It is for this purpose recommended to study rules of drawing up a diet for an animal during incubation of posterity.

Features of Feeding of a Pregnant Cat

When the cat waits for replenishment, her power supply system considerably changes. In the first month at it the need for calcium increases. Fruits begin to grow strenuously, the appetite of future mother also becomes more.

Is recommended to increase a portion of dairy products. On the 5th week the animal should add more white in a diet.

Rules of feeding of the alumna include the following stages:

What to Feed a Pregnant Cat with

  • At the very beginning of pregnancy it is necessary to feed an animal as usual.
  • In 2 weeks it is necessary to give a forage three times a day, having increased a few portion, approximately by 10%.
  • On the fifth week of pregnancy it is necessary to feed not less than 4 times. If the cat remains hungry, then it is possible to increase the number of feedings up to 5.

It is impossible to overfeed an animal as obesity can strongly do much harm to health and it is bad to be reflected in future posterity. The cat has to have always an access to clear water. It is recommended to consult with the veterinarian about a diet of the house favourite. of Sterns needs to be chosen carefully, based on the following principles:

Food of a Pregnant Cat

  • Enough magnesium has to be its part.
  • It is necessary to consider breed of a cat and her weight.
  • For pregnancy course simplification food of an animal has to be enriched with fats and proteins.
  • It is not recommended to get the oxidized forages as it can negatively affect future posterity.
  • The amount of taurine has to be al least 0.1%.

During this period the cat needs proteins. Meat will become their main source. Is recommended to be given:

  • chicken meat;
  • giblets;
  • beef;
  • turkey.

From Milk It Is Better to Refuse to a Pregnant Cat

it is better to refuse milk as it often causes intestinal frustration. Cottage cheese will be ideal option. It is necessary to add vegetables and a chicken yolk to a diet. It is not recommended to give fish more often than once in 10 days. It is impossible to forget also about vitamins and mineral fertilizing.

If an animal ate a dry feed, then now it is necessary to get a forage with a mark "for pregnant cats". Correctly picked up food will help the house favourite to take out healthy kittens and not to affect the health.

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