• Nov 18, 2019

Cats enslaved Internet culture. Owners of these fluffies will confirm: pets almost do not differ from people and the horoscope in the same way is imperious over them. Let's tell how zodiac signs would behave if they were cats.



This cat rushes from all paws, without noticing obstacles in the form of furniture, a master's dog and owners. By all means will pull the aries on the street in search of adventures. Being captivated within four walls, the animal will find to itself a consolation in sharp-clawed sudden hugs with human legs and therapeutic damage of a situation in the house.


If you had to see a cat who does not change the situation even if to lift it on hands – know that it is the Taurus. They like to eat is champions on emptying of a bowl how many it would not fill. The kindest animal, but be afraid to acquire to yourself the enemy, having occupied his favourite chair.


Kotobliznets is capable to live of two houses, two nicknames, two bowls and two owners. In both houses will fondly believe that the animal just very much loves long walks in the fresh air. Differs in equal mood and good nature, but has no special affection for owners.


The most tender cat. On degree of affection for owners successfully competes to a dog. Will not climb up from knees, differs in the increased sentimentality. He begins to lament sadly in cat's language as soon as the door is closed behind the owner.


There are serious suspicions that the big share of cats is and there are Lions of the Zodiac. The animal self-sufficiently and sincerely believes: people are such special beings who were created to feed Lev, to clean his tray and to scratch a tummy. To mankind it is regal indulgent and graciously allows to iron itself. But if you something were not pleasant to it – escape who can. It is precisely best of all to hide footwear.


Methodically awakes the owner every day at five in the morning. Will not be able to use a tray until it is cleaned after last time. With guests it is neutrally polite – will allow to stroke himself and will aristocratically be removed. Being myshelovy, will torture an unfortunate mouse with methodical and cold calculation. Slowly. Very slowly.


It is very simple to learn kotika-Vesy: if to scratch an animal behind an ear, it at first will enough purr, and then without transition and half tones will sensitively bite you by a hand. Scales – the big esthete is also capable to lick himself to almost death, directing purity. Likes to behold for hours on the events outside the window. Can dement owners whims in food.


If it seems to you that your cat was dropped accidentally by the witch when she came back from a sabbath, perhaps, it does not seem to you. In kind mood котоСкорпион the big philosopher also likes to indulge in reflections, lying at the battery. It is easy to break kind mood of the philosopher, just accidentally having touched not that thread of life. Depending on a warehouse of character of a cat it is necessary to be afraid of either claws, or damage of footwear.


On degree of friendliness and sociability successfully competes to the favourite of all house a mongrel Zhuzha. Almost like Lev, but never likes to eat a gourmet. Can investigate a garbage can purely for the sake of art. If you see a cat who sleeps embracing a dog and a master's decorative rat – before you a kotostrelets.


Extremely pedantic animal. If began to tear up wall-paper, be sure – yet will not finish, will not undertake a chair. On ability it is polite to ignore will give odds to all other kotozodiaka. Animal at the same time sedate and active: The cat Capricorn does not love idleness and or eats, or for the 100-th time explores the territory, or – line for wall-paper.


These cats were idolized by ancient Egyptians. On mood biped can sharply fall in love with all as the Sagittarius, or to go to philosophy, lying on a window sill as the Scorpion. Periodically soils. Not thoughtlessly, as the Aries and not to sweep for the sake of as the Scorpion, and especially for the sake of art: fantaziyno and unusually. The best-known котоВодолеям our time possess authorship of a kotokhlebing.

of Fish

Kotoryba meet in two types at once. The first are similar to a permanent kotoskorpion in anger, but without ideological component. The second in tenderness and vulnerability competes to kotoraka. Periodically upset owners with sudden whims in food. If the kotoryba plays a dirty trick on you, you learn about it at a distant day and at the most unsuccessful moment.

Though cats individualists, they suit zodiac typology. Especially as all twelve types are catlike playful. To all of us each of twelve met at least once. Cats quite deserved the place in astrology.

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