• Oct 31, 2019

Travelling all over the world, it is possible to notice that they in many countries of cats love and respect. Somewhere they were delivered specially that they protected from snakes and rodents, somewhere it is at all sacred animals about whom wrote fascinating stories and legends. Even in the countries where cats are mainly owners of streets, care for them, feed, treat, in cold time let to be heated in shops and cafe. Especially each aelurophile, leaving it is far from the house and the favourite pet, at a meeting with the local fluffy inhabitant, will not keep from an opportunity to communicate and take pictures. Not to cause bewilderment in attempt to call up a cat habitual "pussycats pussycats" neither at animals, nor at surrounding people, we will give versions of the cat's phrasebook from the different countries.

The address accepted in this or that country can depend on how the cat or a cat in local language, or from high-frequency sounds which these animals well distinguish is called.

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The British cat can be called up so: "pus-pus-pus" or "myyu-myyu-myyu", British consider what cats tell "мью".

The American kitti-kitt version, is heard as "kiri-kir", so the Canadian cats will understand you too.

The Georgian cat is called "писо" therefore she responds on "pis-pis".

In Italy address a cat "micho-micho" or to "michu-mich".

The Israeli cats are called up: "ps-ps".

In Holland the cat "поис" will respond on: "push-push" or "ps-ps".

The Chinese cat will respond on the sweetest "mi-mi-mi" or on simple clatter.

Bulgarians speak "matzos matzos", from "matzo" and "matska" – a cat, a kitty.

On Hungarian "tsitsa" – the pussycat, will respond on "tsits-tsits-tsits".

A cat the Azerbaijanian will notice you if to poshipet "pshit-pshit-pshit" or "pish-pish".

The Latvian cat "какис" will understand that his name is if you say ridiculous: "minka-minka" or "mitsi-mits".

The Czech cat "hummock" will come running on sounds "chi-chi-chi".

In many places popular with the Russian tourists, cats can already respond to "pussycats pussycats", the main thing to be convinced that in the country where you are, this word has no unacceptable value.

As practice shows, even knowing the proper and polite handling to a foreign cat, to achieve his attention not easy, and rustling of a bag of a forage or a fragrant smell of pieces of meat and fish will help to come into contact at once. A cat from any country it is possible to learn to respond on any sounds if they foretell the subsequent entertainment.

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