• Nov 13, 2019

the Hiccups at cats – a big rarity as this phenomenon is not too peculiar to our four-footed favourites. Attacks of a hiccups can proceed absolutely without serious consequences for a cat and pass without trace, and can be followed by other symptoms. Why the cat hiccups and how to help it to get rid of the tiring attack, we will tell further.

Attacked a hiccups: 6 probable causes why the cat hiccups


The stress at a cat arises in response to change of external circumstances owing to what internals cease to function normally. If the stress dragged on for long time, then the cat becomes subject to various diseases and problems, including a hiccups. Stressful states at a cat differ by types, but the widespread factor is more often emotional. Enter it: change of the residence, jealousy, transportation to other place, loneliness. In this case the cat needs the medical help and an immediate protection from all weighing circumstances. The caress, care and games will help with disposal of a similar situation. As prevention it is necessary to praise a cat, to play with it, to provide own place in the house and not to constrain her freedom.


Cats, as well as people, experience the same emotions. They can be frightened up to emergence of a hiccups. The scared cat looks so: it is hammered in a corner, shrank, pupils are expanded. The fright can take the form of aggression and everything that is required from the owner in this case, it to allow it to do that she will want. Let the cat hide where to her it will be comfortable. At the same time it is not recommended to pay attention to her, she has to feel that nothing threatens it and it will quicker get rid of panic state. You should not neglect a campaign to the veterinarian, the cat can be not taken with yourself. The doctor will advise medicines which will render on the animal calming action that from now on it did not repeat.

Cold food

Food of a cat has to correspond to a certain temperature and if to refrain from this recommendation, it is possible to provoke not only a hiccups, but also problems are more serious. The most suitable range of temperature of food – 32-40 degrees. The cooled food badly is digested why bacteria which lead to developing of diseases are formed.


Cats have a reciprocal reflex on the cold consisting in formation of a shiver. The shiver which can turn back a hiccups serves as the temperature increase reason, helping an organism to be warmed. In the hiccups caused by cold there is nothing terrible, it is necessary to move the pet to the warm place only.

Dry feed

Too dry feed also leads to a hiccups, but there is no special danger in it. That it did not arise, it is necessary to follow some rules of feeding:

  • to give to the pet the crushed food;
  • to provide access to water;
  • not to overfeed.

of the Problem with health

If all signs mentioned above are clear and solvable, then this point needs further examination. Provided that the hiccups was not preceded by any provocative factor, it means only one: the pet is sick and it is necessary to see as soon as possible the veterinarian to correct current situation.

Having found out in what the reason of suddenly arisen hiccupping, try to help the cat to cope with it, render it all means of the help which you have, only in this case her recovery will not keep itself waiting.

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