• Jan 13, 2020

Character of balineziysky cats just wonderful. They are very tied to the family and love people. No matter, what do you do — балинез will be near and will take part in all your affairs.
On a photo: Balineziysky cat
They are very sensitive
to mood of owners. If the person longs, балинез will try to amuse him, and is always ready to share your joy.

Balineziysky cats appreciate attention and badly transfer loneliness. And if missed, can say quite exactingly that they lack communication. You should not get this breed if for days on end anybody there is no house.

Balineziysky cats differ in almost dog devotion to owners. It is even ready to walk on a lead.

With each family member балинез establishes the, special relations.
They adore playing
, and any subject, from a children's cube to the sheet of paper can become a toy.

On the nature of a balineza are peaceful and perfectly get on with other pets. There is an opinion that they are incomparable rat catchers, however the majority of balineziysky cats does not show any willingness to hunt small animals.

These cats perfectly get on with children. But consider that balineziysky cats do not take out if they are pursued. So if the small child will be with persistence, worthy the best application, to covet attention of a cat who was tired or badly feels, he can receive repulse. At the same time, for the accurate child in communication балинез will become the excellent friend and the companion for games.

Balineziysky cats — not sofa creations. They are quite curious and active, they need space for bustle and a lasagna.

are allocated with high intelligence therefore with ease learn to open cases and boxes.

are quite talkative therefore it is better for people who appreciate silence and rest in the house to choose other breed. However, their voice, though loud, is quite melodious. Besides they are not limited to simple miaow, and make a set of different sounds.

On character balineziysky cats are quite sensitive therefore they demand very delicate and respect.

Honor with
everyone to whom has the luck to divide the house with balinezy, falls in love with breed.

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