• Jan 13, 2020

The description of a balineziysky cat is reflected in standards.

Balineziysky cats are very similar to the Siamese. The only difference — wool length. They are graceful, flexible, proportional and brawny.
On a photo: Balineziysky cat
reminds the extended wedge, it the average size, a straight line profile, a chin strong.

the large ears which are widely put with the wide basis.

of an Eye almond-shaped, "east", slantwise put. The brighter them blue color, the better. Squint is inadmissible.

Trunk graceful, average size, long. The belt tightened.

of the Leg long and harmonious. Hinder legs are slightly higher than lobbies.

Tail thin, long, hlystoobrazny, tip sharp. Breaks or knots are inadmissible. Wool on a tail has to form a plume is a distinctive feature of balinez.

Wool of average length, silky, thin, adjacent, an underfur is absent. Wool is extended from a muzzle to a tail. On a tail wool the longest. Wool length: 1.5 — 5 cm. Kittens are born short-haired.

the Only admissible color, according to the description of a balineziysky cat — a kolor-point in different variations (a blyu-point, forces points, a frost-point, chocolate point, etc.) "Mask" on the head has to close completely a muzzle, including small pillows of moustaches. However "mask" should not become "hood", taking a nape. In the field of points white hairs are not allowed.

Kittens are born
white and only with age get a characteristic color.

Balineziysky cats of a continuous color are called yavaneza.

Weight of an adult balineziysky cat: 3.5 — 4.5 kg.

Weight of an adult balineziysky cat: 2.5 — 3.5 kg.

Average life expectancy of balineziysky cats: 12 — 15 years.

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