• Jan 13, 2020

The history of breed the balineziysky cat began in the USA.
 балинез the head On a photo: Balineziysky cat
In the early thirties of the XX century in a dung of Siamese cats began to appear kittens with longer wool. Some time manufacturers avoided to show such kittens of the public, and they became just pets.

However soon such "rejected" cats began to cross among themselves. And quickly enough clean lines of long-haired Siamese cats appeared.

However, is other hypothesis of history of breed a balineziysky cat: balineza is a result of crossing of Siamese cats with Angora.

In 1963 recognized breed as "long-haired Siamese", and in 1968 renamed into balineziysky. In 1972 FIFe recognized breed, and in 1984 balineza were included in catalogs.

In the 1980th years balineziysky cats "took" not only America, but also Europe.
the Breed of balineziysky cats was called
so because of extraordinary elegant movements which remind movements of dancers from the island of Bali.
the First standard of a balineziysky cat was accepted in 1967, and in 1970 is reconsidered.

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