• Jan 13, 2020

Main components of care of a balineziysky cat:

  • Full, balanced, high-quality feeding.
  • Care of wool.
  • Survey and (if necessary) cleaning of ears and eyes.
 балинез with a fluffy tail

On a photo: Balineziysky cat

Care of hair of a balineziysky cat

Hair of a balineziysky cat does not demand specific, difficult leaving. Thanks to the fact that it silky, thin is also deprived of an underfur 1 — 2 time a week suffices of it to comb.

Wash balineziysky cats with use of shampoo and the conditioner for long-haired breeds. Dry them a towel as the hair dryer can overdry skin. But be convinced that the cat is in heat.

the Wool cover is formed at balinez by 12 — 18 months.

Care of ears and eyes of balineziysky cats

At least once a week check purity of ears and if it is necessary, you clean them, using a wadded tampon.

Regularly examine eyes and if necessary you clean them.

Remember that for each eye and an ear when cleaning the wadded tampon is used.

Care of teeth of a balineziysky cat

, it is the only complexity in care of balineza. If there is an opportunity, it is regularly worth addressing the stomatologist for routine inspection. Teeth – one of weak points of balineziysky cats.

Health of balineziysky cats

Balineziysky cats — quite healthy breed, they can live 15 years and more. However there are diseases to which they are predisposed:
  • Amiloidoz — the violation of proteinaceous exchange which is followed by education and adjournment in fabrics of an amiloid – specific proteinaceous полисахаридного a complex. It can lead to damage of a liver and death of a cat. Treatment, alas, does not exist, but development of a disease at early diagnostics can be slowed down.
  • Squint — a genetic disease.
  • Formation of a scale, gingivit. If not to look after teeth of a balinez, they can drop out.
  • Asthma.
  • Diabetes.
  • Dysplasia of elbow and coxofemoral joints.
What to do not to allow a disease? You watch a condition of the pet and his behavior. If noticed that the cat became more sluggish, apathetic, badly eats, shakes ears or other frightening symptoms are observed, as soon as possible address the veterinarian.

Feeding of a balineziysky cat

Can be chosen both natural food, and dry feeds.

If you the supporter of natural food, is better to give meat, vegetables and grain. The ratio of these products in a diet of a balinez has to be the following:


of 60%


of 10%

of Grain

of 30%

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