• Jan 13, 2020

Character of a balineziysky cat

Balineziysky cats are sanguine persons. It is not a cushion, but also on tops the cat will not jump. They behave rather adequately: ate, have a sleep, ate, communicated. And the playfulness is kept for the rest of life.
balineziysky cat балинез
Undoubted plus of balinez – they are very patient, including in relation to children.
of Observation of the manufacturer: My friend has a two-year-old grandson. And when he comes to us, shakes up my cat as a pillow and lays down on it. The cat from under him can mew, but I say: it is necessary to suffer, this is the small child, and he suffers.
Balineziysky cats perfectly get on with other pets, even with rodents. They understand what the is is impossible. Balineza can make friends also with other cats, and with dogs.
U me there live Akhatina's snails. Cats lick them – probably, they want to regale on snails, but they understand that it – too pets.
very much was pleasant to Me transfer on Animal Planet which began so: "It балинез, and it the cleverest". And this is true! Because it is impossible to leave a frying pan with chicken unguarded – will open and will eat. And the locker will be opened.
of Observation of the manufacturer: Balineziysky cats differ in the fact that are attached out of place, and to the owner. Even if you go with a cat in a couchette car, it pozhzht to walk on it, at all to eat everything, but will return to mummy.
Balineziysky cats as plasticine. They very trained, and they can be taught anything. For example, I have On Handles teams, etc., and cats willingly carry out them. We even participate in cat's dog agility at exhibitions – why is not present?
Balineziysky Kitten
respond on the nickname. And I have a cat whom I change each three days nicknames – and she responds on everything.
Thanks to this learning ability it is easy for
to disaccustom them to "vrednost" — simply at the right time to puff water from a spray.
of Balineziysky cats can walk on the street, but personally I very much am afraid of pincers, etc. therefore even if cats are processed, I do not risk. However, cats go with me to the dacha and there walk on the site, without leaving for a fence.
But to be engaged in them and it is necessary to train, to communicate and talk, explain. And then they will be such as you want.
of Observation of the manufacturer: Very much it is pleasant to me that balineza meet me from work. Never there was it that I come, and my cats sleep. All of them come, embrace, kiss, nestle. They very much miss in separation, it is visible. And than they were busy, but if to call them, they throw everything and run to me.
balineziysky cats have favourite family members. For example, one of cats very much loves my husband and looks at it as on God. And with the daughter it concerns us so: "well, you too anything".
Balineziysky cats adore communication and everywhere go for us. All sleep with us too. And they rest the head against the husband, and legs – against me.
Balinezam is necessary the company, and it is unimportant who it will be: person, dog, other cat or parrot.
Balineziysky Cat

Leaving and keeping of a balineziysky cat

Great advantage of balinez – they do not mark. Even unsterilized cats. I, of course, cannot speak for all, but it concerns "graduates" of our nursery fully. Perhaps, it is just good heredity.
As for schooling to a tray, we are not even engaged in it. Exactly in a month kittens go to a tray – and all. But I always warn new owners: filler has to be to what the kitten got used: only комкующийся flavourless. Then eventually it is possible to retrain.
of Observation of the manufacturer: Balineziysky cats practically have no underfur therefore there is no molt, one may say, – in spite of the fact that the breed is considered semi-long-haired. Fades, generally an underfur, and wool does not. The molt can be seen only because of nerves, after a stress.
By the way, at balineziysky cats interesting texture of wool – as at the Angora rabbit. Perhaps, exactly thanks to it balineziysky cats enter a 10-ka of hypoallergenic breeds.
Balineziysky cats are not afraid of cold. At the balcony us glazed, but not heated, and they even like to walk there in the winter. It is considered that it is even useful for wool and the color becomes brighter.
Balineziysky Kittens

Feeding of balineziysky cats

are hunters therefore at a diet surely there has to be a peremorozhenny crude meat. Also they eat a dry feed. But there are also strange flavoring addictions. For example, one our cat very much loves easter Easter cakes. Also knows: if I paint eggs today, so tomorrow there will be a delicacy, and in the morning it the first "on distribution". And one more cat very much loved long Belarusian chips. Some cats love olives and olives.
Obesity they do not suffer from
. These are "cats birdies": pecked and departed. They do not gorge on for the night as some people. Most so to learn …
Balineziysky Kitten

Health of a balineziysky cat

the Balineziysky cat is a native breed, they are long-livers. There live balineza, as a rule, 20 – 25 years.
balineziysky cats have no
of Special pathologies and problems with health.

A photo from personal archive of Lilia Maslenikova

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