• Apr 3, 2019

the Bengalese cats are constant frequenters of exhibitions. The breed even more often meets in houses. Many lost the head because of these beautiful animals who look as tiny leopards. These are unusual representatives of a look, it is not so simple to look after them though all the same enjoy popularity. And people even collected a selection of the interesting facts and myths about the Bengalese cat.

Bengalese cat: a selection of the most interesting facts and myths about a half-civilized animal

Interesting facts

The breed was not created by the nature. It completely artificial , arose thanks to imagination of manufacturers. The person always admired wild cats. Also "prepared" to itself such small animal, only that it was possible to hold him houses on a lap. He crossed the wild cat (called also by "an Asian leopard") to house short-haired. The Bengalese very much resembles the far relatives superficially, but has a little more gentle disposition.

was required to Selectors a lot of time to eliminate wild behavior from its gene pool and to subdue the dominating lines. However genes cannot be overcome completely though the correct socialization beginning from the first days of life and individual character of the pet has huge value.

Character and features

The Interesting Facts about Breed of a Cat

The cheerful nature of representatives of the Bengalese breed can constantly increase mood of the person. It is the real antidepressant in a leopard skin.

The cat Bengalese is referred to so-called "dog breeds". Intelligence allows it to acquire with ease science , and vivacity and curiosity — to perform any tasks. A difficult game and activity for these animals not only pleasure, but, first of all, a necessary element in life.

The animal publishes a set of options of a sound . Some of them remind:

  • cooing of a pigeon;
  • dog bark;
  • the menacing growl in a situation when the pet is concerned.

The Bengalese Cats in House Conditions

Kot loves

when the owner also with it communicates with the help of sounds. He actively responds to a voice of the person.

The majority of cats furiously avoids water. Others like to look at it only. Bengalese are famous for the fact that they are the real admirers of water adventures .

Of course, with in breed most of all wool impresses her representatives. Surprisingly accurate patterns flicker as if they are covered with gold. To the touch fur of this cat smooth. Vials of air between hairs, working by the principle of refraction of crystals, add to wool characteristic gloss.

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