• Apr 9, 2018

Having seen a manchkin, many at first think that the animal is ill and begin to feel sorry for him. Such thoughts visited also American Sandra Hochenedel. Once she met on the street a homeless cat with short paws. Having regretted the vagabond, the woman sheltered her and called Blackberry. Soon at a cat kittens, same korotkolapy as their mother were born. After inspections veterinarians established that unusual animals are absolutely healthy, and their feature is only sign of breed.

Breed манчкин: a cat with short pads
Manchkin – a cat unusual
Breed манчкин: a cat with short pads
Short-legged cats were called in honor коротышек-жевунов

Внешний a look

Short-legged cats were called in honor of pudges-zhevunov. These are characters of the book "Wizard of the Country of Oz", and Munchkins is the original name of fantastic folk. A cat dachshund – so still call manchkin. They and the truth are similar to these dogs: short legs, the extended body.

First of all cats of breed манчкин are remarkable the paws. They are twice shorter, than at other cats, but straight lines and without deformations therefore do not disturb manchkina in their cat's life. The body at them is not stretched, a back direct. Height in withers – 15 cm

One more feature of cat breed манчкин – expression of their muzzle. At these animals the round proportional head, wide ears and a little slanting eyes therefore the cat манчкин always looks surprised. Such expression of a muzzle makes him touching and lovely. Lop-eared representatives of this breed are known as манчкин фолд. To receive such kitten, it is necessary to cross a manchkin to a Scottish Fold, British short-haired or to a dwarfish cat of breed Napoleon.

At amusing cats on short pads direct, soft and silky wool. It is both short, and long. The color meets different: monophonic white, black, gray, red and also spotty, tortoise and striped. The same and with color of eyes. Manchkin can be green-eyed, blue-eyed, yellow-eyed. There is no communication between color of eyes and a color.

Character of animals

Whether short legs affect behavior of an animal? No, these cats are ordinary pets. They are tender, active and curious. The kitten of this breed is easily accustomed to a tray and likes to play. And the love to games is characteristic not only of kids. Korotkolapy cats till an old age can run behind the ringing ball or a clockwork mouse. Toys at the pet has to be much that he did not miss, so far the owner at work.

These cats do not like to remain alone. They always strongly become attached to the owner and with pleasure spend with it time not only houses, but also on the street. It is necessary to accustom these animals to walks since the childhood. They like to play in a grass, can pursue a little birdie or a mouse. But manchkina – bad hunters. Because of short paws they concede to other cats in the speed and quickness therefore there is no sense to bring them with the purpose to get rid of mice in the house.

These cats are the real collectors. They surely need a lodge or a plank bed where it is possible to pull down different small things. Also the panel from the TV, both a charm, and a bright hairpin can attract interest. Things which owners did not get, having come back home, for certain will be among treasures of the curious pet.

Breed манчкин: a cat with short pads

Korotkolapy cats like to climb trees, and in the house without problems get on a table or a window sill. They play quietly. Do not spoil things, wall-paper or curtains. Manchkina always understand what the owner wants from them therefore it is easy to bring up them. It is necessary to encourage the pet with caress and an entertainment, then he will be obedient. It is impossible to shout at an animal and to frighten him.

Cats with short pads will be able to get on with other animals in the house. Especially well they get on with quiet dogs. But манчкин can begin to compete with other cats. He will want to be a leader. Not bad these animals get on with children. Such pet with pleasure will play with the child the whole day.

The funny "underestimated" cat likes to stand in a groundhog pose, and in this situation it can stand for a long time. At such moments манчкин it becomes similar to a kangaroo.

Breed манчкин: a cat with short pads

Contents and food

Manchkina is cats with unusual appearance, but with ordinary cat's requirements. Long-haired representatives of breed need that they were combed out by 2 times a week, will be short-haired also 1 time in 7 days enough.

Short-legged cats are very clean. Choosing a tray, it is important to remember features of the pet. Sides have to be low that the animal with short legs did not feel discomfort. Also it is worth buying a cozy lodge or a plank bed where the cat could have a rest and sleep.

Being a kitten, the pet can meet difficulties. For example, he is capable to climb on a sofa from which it will be independently dangerous to go down to it. It is necessary or watch the kid and to help him, or to make special steps on which he will be able to get into hard-to-reach spots and to get down without risk for health.

Breed манчкин: a cat with short pads

It is regularly necessary to check ears of an animal and to clean them. In the house surely there has to be a kogtetochka. It is necessary to examine paws 2 times a month in time to help if there are problems. It is also necessary to brush to a cat teeth once a week.

In food the cat of breed манчкин is unpretentious. It is possible to give cat's canned food and a forage, and it is possible also homemade food. In the second case it is important to consider that some adult cats with short paws do not transfer lactose. Dairy products should be given in the small portions and to watch closely how the animal organism reacts to them. Emphasis needs to be placed on meat. The cat cannot eat sweets, greasy food, chicken and fish bones. You should not forget about special vitamin supplements. The bowl with fresh drinking water has to be always available to a cat.

At these animals good health and good immunity, but they cannot be overfed. The cat breed with short paws is inclined to a lordoz – deformation of a backbone. This disease can arise because of the excess weight or injuries. It will lead to heart troubles and breath.

It is important to note that when crossing only one of parents has to be korotkolapy, otherwise the posterity will die. At a manchkin also kids with a usual length of legs can be born, they will be considered as carriers of genes. Such animals are very much appreciated. They can be crossed both to korotkolapy, and to ordinary individuals.

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