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the Cat the caracal is considered a small predator who gives in to domestication. These graceful, attractive, courageous and freedom-loving animals living in the desert can get on in the spacious house or the open-air cage. Certainly, the potential owner should tinker fairly with such unusual pet, but at the correct approach finally he will receive the devoted friend in the person of a caracal.

the Cat the caracal is considered a small predator who gives in одомашниванию.

История origins of cats

Cat breed the caracal lives in the deserts of Africa and Asia and on the coast of the Caspian Sea. Caracals received the name thanks to the unusually beautiful appearance. The caracal in translation from Turkish sounds as "a black ear".

In a habitual environment caracals eat small lizards, birds, small rodents and small cattle. Wild cats generally lead a nocturnalism, live in holes, rocky crevices, dexterously climb trees and perfectly swim.

Today caracals who even more often become the victims of poachers are considered as an endangered species. Numerous reserves and manufacturers who breed them in bondage try to keep population of wild cats. Caracals can and be met in zoos worldwide.

Wild cats are tamed, but at the same time there is a notable difference between individuals who grew in the open-air cage and house conditions. A caracal in house conditions more tender and manual, and here the animals who grew in open-air cages keep hunting habits and treat people more watchfully. It is desirable to take a kitten for contents in room conditions from special home nurseries.


of breed caracal (video)


Appearance and habits

Visually this representative of the cat family is very similar to a lynx, but the caracal at the same time has more compact size and a graceful constitution. As a rule, body length at an animal happens from 60 to 85 cm, growth up to 50 cm. The wild cat about 18 kg weighs, and especially large individual can reach in the weight of 25 kg.

A cat of breed the caracal looks very attractively and unusually. At caracals the head of the small size, large ears, are highly put, eyes of an almond-shaped form with an eyeliner of black color. At ears wild cats have characteristic brushes of a dark shade. A tail at them quite long and mobile, a trunk harmonious, paws proportional, wool dense, shortish and dense on structure.

Coloring at sandy inhabitants very unusual and memorable. The color of wool can be sand or saturated brown, and at the same time on a back, a tail and pads the hair is more dark, than on a stomach. Outside ears at a cat of black color, and are present at a muzzle specks of a snow-white and dark color. Kittens of a caracal also have spots on a body which gradually disappear with age.

wild cats have one interesting feature . From other wild and thoroughbred cats they are distinguished by a melodious voice. Silent purring of a cat reminds chirping of a birdie. Being in good mood, caracals purr quite loudly. The kitten of a caracal, as well as an adult individual, has quite self-confident, self-sufficient character. Nevertheless with owners the wild cat behaves very friendly, tenderly and likes to communicate with them.

the Cat of breed the caracal looks very attractively and необычно.

Особенности maintenance and leaving

A desert lynx, namely so call caracals, can get on in the open-air cage or a spacious country house. It is possible to support, of course, a caracal and in the city apartment, but it should be taken into account the fact that to a wild animal it will be very close, uncomfortable, and he will become aggressive and embittered. It is the best of all to lodge a desert lynx in a spacious country cottage with a small extension – the open-air cage in which the animal will be able to walk freely at any time. In hot season it is desirable to put the special collar protecting from fleas on a wild cat.

Most often the caracal lives together with owners in the house, without having free access on the street, and in this case it is desirable to walk him.

Representatives of this cat breed adore water procedures and therefore they can be bathed periodically. For washing of hair of wild lynx it is the best of all to use hypoallergenic cat's shampoo.

Short-haired wild cats are inclined to a year-round molt , but in summer months their wool fades stronger. During this period it is necessary to comb out hair of a caracal by means of a rubber brush or to depilate died off a glove from silicone. Claws of a desert lynx can be sheared as required. At the same time it is necessary to delete only tips of claws and it is desirable to make it the procedure by means of the round nail clippers intended for a hairstyle of claws of small pedigree dogs. Such tool will help claws of a caracal not to be stratified.

To those potential owners who worry concerning schooling wild a cat to a tray to worry there is nothing at all. The desert lynx, as well as ordinary domestic cats, easily gets used to a tray. The tray at the same time has to be deep and big as caracals quite large. It is desirable to place a tray in the secluded place far away from the opening doors. can Fill a cat's toilet silica gel or special wood granules. Filler in a tray needs to be changed every day.

Breed of a Cat Caracal

As well as to thoroughbred cats, a caracal routine inspections at the veterinarian are necessary. Wild cats also need regular expulsion of helminths and annual inoculations. The rage inoculation is considered obligatory, and concerning other vaccines it is desirable to consult with the veterinarian.

Representatives of this cat breed have quite strong immunity and have no predisposition to a serious pedigree illness. At competent contents and observance of all rules on care of the pet the caracal will live about 15 years.

As for feeding of a caracal, it is desirable to fill his diet with fresh meat. As these unusual pets are predators, they need the food enriched with proteins. For this reason the diet of a caracal needs to be made on the basis of meat dishes.

the Adult individual needs at least in 0.5 kg of meat a day. at the same time the daily portion pays off proceeding from pet weight, and 1 kg of meat can be necessary for a large animal.

It is desirable to feed a caracal with crude veal, beef, turkey, chicken meat, rabbit flesh and an offal. Meat can be given in a crude or boiled look. You should not feed with soups and porridges an animal as they for it are insufficiently nutritious. From meat it is possible not to pull out hryashchik and not to husk. Cartilages will help to train teeth of a wild cat and to enrich his organism with calcium. The diet of a caracal can be enriched with vitamin supplements with the high content of calcium and collagen.

Breed of a Cat Caracal

Few times in a week it is possible to add boiled or crude sea fish to the menu of a pet. In small amounts also vegetables (a vegetable marrow, cabbage, carrot and pumpkin) will be useful to a caracal. To some pets to liking both crude quail and eggs and also sour-milk products.

As for the food, it should not be too hot or frozen. Two times food will be for a caracal quite enough. If the pet left a little food in a bowl, then it needs to be utilized. In the place, available to an animal, the bowl with clear drinking water always has to be located. Twice a month it is desirable to arrange daily starvation for a caracal.

It is forbidden to feed up a caracal fat, sweet, smoked products from a table d'hote. It is not desirable to give to drink to a wild cat milk as adult individuals can suffer from intolerance of lactose. It is strictly forbidden to feed a cat and pork.

it is Periodically possible to feed a caracal and the industrial dry feed of a premium class which is specially developed for krupnoporodny cats, such as Maine Coon and the Norwegian forest cat .

Breed of a Cat Caracal

of Feature of education of an animal

For those owners who already faced education of puppies it will be quite simple to train a caracal. With an animal it is necessary to observe severity, but not to beat and not to shout at it at all. The wrong acts of a caracal at the same time need to be ripped in the bud. To jump on tables, to taste food from master's plates or to gnaw shoes it is impossible to allow the pet even at early age. It is better to remove the objects which are of the greatest value and also poisonous plants, cords and boxes with powder nevertheless far away as in the course of the game the pet can overturn something on himself and suffer.

It is necessary to walk the pet on a lead, far away from platforms for dogs. From a lead of a caracal it is impossible to lower even in poorly populated places. To get a wild cat to people in whose house there are small children (5 years are younger), it is not recommended, and to children is more senior it is necessary to explain rules of communication with the unusual pet. It is desirable to castrate adult individuals who will not be used for cultivation. Males can become aggressive and actively mark the territory.

Caracals are considered as the most expensive cats in the world , but how many they cost, there will always be fans for their acquisition. They can be got in specialized nurseries where are engaged in cultivation of these unusual cats. In nursery of the capital such pet will manage in very round sum – about 430,000 rubles.

the Most rare cat breeds (video)

In spite of the fact that caracals are wild animals, they quickly enough get used to the house. Wild cats from nurseries are already socialized to 3-month age. Correctly well-mannered cat a caracal does not show unmotivated aggression and behaves very friendly and tenderly.

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