• Jan 1, 2020
All of us have heard a lot

about surprising and even magic abilities of cats. Some of them have the gift of clairvoyance, others feel ghosts, and the third attract wealth and bring peace of mind to the house. And only in three-colored representatives cat's all these talents are connected in a whole.

Bringing happiness: features of three-colored cats about which very few people heard


As a rule, such animals are always tender, playful and worship the owner. They meet him from work, caressing about legs and loudly purring. Like to sit on hands and to sleep nearby, and especially joint games. Can become faithful partners as lonely to pensioners, and young people.

Are considered as patient "nurses" and till the old age will be glad to active games with kids. To the last suffer the "disrespectful" attitude towards themselves from children. In rare instances "bring up" the offender a soft paw.

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The multi-colored cat likes to stand on the hind legs. If she chose in the house any place for a toilet, then will go only there. Even if the tray is located in other end of the apartment. It considers itself the full owner of the apartment or house therefore it is capable to make independent decisions. Her behavior can be characterized as independent and detailed.

It is necessary to live with a trekhtsvetka in mutual respect — by her rules not to play, but also too not to impose the; to look narrowly, study and understand each other, reaching compromise.


The cat looks after herself slowly — with love and pleasure. Her gait slow and slow. The three-colored favourite never runs, having been out of breath and with the tongue hanging out. She gracefully moves on socks, wagging hips as the model and holds a tail "pipe".

Autumn problems of pets

The three-colored representative of cat's sleeps always in beautiful and the most convenient for herself to a pose. Wakes up gradually: at first opens one eye, then already — the second. Surely stretches and likes to luxuriate on the stove bench.

Aggression to strangers

At three-colored cats the sensitivity to the environment and other living beings is perfectly developed. They can hide if something is not pleasant to them, and sometimes and begin to hiss threateningly. Can irritate them several factors: unfamiliar intonation of a voice of the person, pungent smell, strong noise.

Three-flowers have ability to thinly feel psychological state of the person. And if it is negative emotions, then they are instantly transferred to them that too provokes aggression.


Three-colored cats do not accept hierarchy which people try to impose them. They do not consider the person the owner; at best neighbor or friend. Animals are able to cope with the difficulties alone. All look "smaller brothers" show the independence though at heart they also count on manifestation of love to them and care.

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