• Aug 8, 2019

the British cat is one of the most popular short-haired breeds in Europe. It conducts the origin from pets of Ancient Rome, has quiet, balanced and friendly character, does not require a lot of attention, sociable and tender. This kitty, undoubtedly, will decorate your house and will be the fine choice. The people who stopped the choice on such pet should know 6 nuances which it is important to know about pregnancies of cats the British breed.

Pregnancy of a Cat of the British Breed

As lasts long pregnancy

Terms of Pregnancy of the British Cats

The British short-haired are in the period of peak fertility on average three-four times a year, more often it occurs in the spring and in the summer. The best age for the first reproduction — when to a cat is more than a year.

Pregnancy of the British short-haired is of 65 days or, perhaps, 69 days . If term dragged on longer, it is necessary to address the veterinarian to avoid unforeseen complications.

Strong indications

If it is known when the cat came into contact, then it is possible to predict precisely about her situation.

Signs of Pregnancy of the British Cats

If there is no information whether it kept in contact with cats males, then about the occurred pregnancy it is possible to assume on some physical signs :

  • the fertile period stopped and the cat ceased to walk;
  • nipples on a tummy gain dark red color and bulk up;
  • can arise attacks of a morning indisposition and the increased appetite ;
  • in the second half of term the British begins "to nest" or look for the place for the kittens;
  • sharply changes behavior British short-haired : very tender and "talkative", purrs and mews, on the contrary, unsociable and gloomy;
  • from fifth week there is an increased tummy.

at the end of the second half of pregnancy kittens begin to move. If these movements can be seen, then prior to a happy event there were several weeks.

Pregnancy at the British breed sometimes proceeds not so smoothly as it would be desirable, undesirable symptoms can appear. If the cat lies all the time and does not want to get up, sluggish, badly eats, then it is necessary to visit the doctor.

It is especially dangerous if the pet ceases to drink. To prevent dehydration, it is necessary to consult as soon as possible at the veterinarian . Emergence of any allocations from a vagina says about the arisen infection and that the pet needs urgent treatment.

Preparation for childbirth

It is possible to equip the special room for kittens in a silent part of the house and to hold it there before childbirth that their mother did not hide in a hard-to-reach spot. It is necessary to take care that the pet received good, healthy food and a lot of water.

The British Cat with Kittens

Pregnancy and childbirth are a considerable event in life of a cat. And if the decision to allow the favourite pet to have kittens is made, then knowledge of all features of this difficult period will be useful in assistance and care.

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