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Cats of the British breed for many years are the most popular in the world. They are known for the short wool, a thickset look and reserved character. A cat British conducts the family tree from Ancient Rome where they were faithful companions of the person. Animals were delivered by legionaries to the British Isles and, perhaps, were crossed to local wild cats. The breed was appreciated force, endurance and abilities to hunting. Over time the British won hearts of people not only the skills, but also beauty, addition, intelligence and balanced quiet character.

British cat breed: the description, features, the contents
Cats of the British breed for many years are the most popular in the world

the Description of breed

The main advantage of the British breed is short and dense wool. To the touch it seems as if it is made of plush. Because of it animals received the name "plush cat". As well as other cats with short pile, them are carried to type of sleek-haired. The British are thickset, brawny, with a broad chest and a direct back. This breed is one of the largest. Weight averages 5-7 kg at cats and 4-5 kg at cats. Short-haired British cats have the following distinctive features of appearance:

  • short and strong legs;
  • a tail of average length, quite thick, rounded off on the end;
  • the head big and round, on a short thick neck;
  • ears are small, with the rounded-off ends, widely placed;
  • flattened muzzle;
  • eyes are big, round;
  • color of eyes deep and clean – orange, blue, green, copper depending on a wool color.

The British cats develop and reach a full maturity within 3-5 years. Only then the short-haired British cat appears in all the beauty. Life expectancy averages 15-18 years. It is necessary to know that the lop-eared British are not. Cats with similar sign are referred to breed Scottish skotish-fold.

British cat breed: the description, features, the contents
the British cats develop and reach a full maturity within 3-5 years

the Colour of the British

There are more than 60 colors of cats of the British breed. They can be monophonic, spotty and tiger. Sometimes extremely rare combinations which are highly appreciated at fans of this breed and professionals meet. For example, unusually at the British the combination of a red and white shade looks. Colors of wool are the most popular blue and smoky (gray). There are red British cats who have the name red. The British red cat differs in eyes of copper color, a lobe of a nose and small pillows on paws of brick-red tone. Such cats are held in high esteem at manufacturers of breed. Effectively animals with a black, white, chocolate, lilac and cream color look.

of Feature of the British breed (video)

Character and way of life

The British have an appearance of lovely teddy bears. The characteristic smile which is caused by the round allocated small pillows of moustaches is inherent in them. They differ in quiet temper, really English endurance and coolness. This is a self-assured and independent plush cat. She is not persuasive, does not love excessive caress, never asks on hands, seldom purrs and in general gives a vote. Nevertheless the British are attached to the owners who are looked forward home, like to sit near them.

Red British will always follow the person, watching his actions. But will prefer to do it from far away, sitting on a chair or a case and not getting under feet.

British cat breed: description, features, contents

The British plush cat is a homebody. He sleeps much and does not suffer when break his tranquility. To them unusually aggressive behavior. In any unclear situation will prefer it is proud to leave and not to sort out the relations. The royal temper does not prevent the British to be friendly and peaceful concerning children and other pets. In character of the British cats can note the following features:

  • react only to the address to them by name, any they do not recognize" pussycats pussycats";
  • will allow to stroke itself when it is wanted;
  • do not allow to squeeze themselves and to hold long on hands;
  • never will begin to ask food, giving a vote, and will just sit down near an empty bowl and will patiently wait.

The British cat has self-respect and at the same time is very sensitive. On them it is impossible to raise the voice, otherwise they can hide for a long time to the secluded place and ignore requests of the owner to leave. The British short-haired cat carefully watches the appearance. She can carefully lick and comb out the hair several times a day. Experts claim that the similar procedure helps cats to restore psychological balance.

British cat breed: description, features, contents

Education and maintenance

Short-haired plush cats almost do not require attention concerning leaving and education. They are sufficient are clever and are capable to understand many problems. Even the little kitten will not begin to spoil anywhere, and will quickly get used to a tray and will demand from owners to keep it clean. The British kittens are born large and rather vigorous. In a dung usually there are from 3 to 5 newborns. of an Eye open in a week , at 3 weeks age kittens already show interest in firm food.

On degree of activity of the British cats it is possible to carry to moderately mobile animals. About one year the little British are restless and playful, will always find to themselves entertainment in the apartment. At adult cats the activity decreases, and the most part of time they sleep or watch the world around through a window.

British cat breed: description, features, contents

The fat British cat is not healthy therefore it is necessary to take care of him in the middle age. It is necessary to transfer pets to less high-calorie food to reduce risk of development of diabetes and some other the problems connected with obesity. Cannot allow an animal to be overeaten. Should force it to move more. In general the British cat has no big problems with health. It is important not to forget to do preventive inoculations and to regularly give drugs for worms even if the pet is not on the street and does not contact to other animals.

the Interesting facts about the British cats (video)

Wool of British is enough to be combed out several times a week a special brush. Short-haired cats watch purity therefore to bathe them enough 2-4 once a year. It is regularly required to cut nails, to watch purity of eyes and ears. To prevent formation of a scale, it is possible to buy a special forage periodically. The correct leaving and food will provide to a cat long and healthy life.

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