• Dec 9, 2019

Recently East Asian scientists came to a conclusion that far ancestors of people are prehistoric cats. According to researchers, DNA of representatives cat's and DNA of the person are similar almost for 100%. It is difficult to believe in it, but nevertheless people and cats definitely have something the general in the behavior and character.

Brother you to me: 4 unexpected similarities of people and cats

Need in emotional proximity

You should not think that the cat always "walks in itself" and anybody does not need. Actually she not less than to the person needs love and the kind relation. These are the main conditions in order that the kitten of dews mentally healthy adapted to the world around better. Otherwise it will become aggressive or, on the contrary, timid and shy. Not for nothing there is an expression "a kind word and it is pleasant to a cat".

Yes, cats do not love invasion into their personal space, but it does not mean at all that nobody is necessary to them. Try some time not to pay any attention to the pet or to treat it coldly. He will take offense at such behavior at once, will cease to react to a nickname, will begin to turn away or even to shkodit from revenge. And all because he needs to feel your love. Just unlike dogs cats do not consider the owner the leader to whom are obliged to submit.


Cats, as well as some people, are capable to feel others mood thinly. It will be confirmed by many owners of moustached pets. When the favourite owner is upset, the cat comes to it, begins to rub, jumps on knees and tenderly purrs.

This results from the fact that during a stress the body of the person radiates absolutely other vibrations and smells, than at the moments of joy or tranquility as these states are followed by production of different hormones. Cats have ability to catch such changes.

The cat always understands that to its owner there is something wrong, and hurries on to help. By means of rumbling and massage by pads she tries to restore the normal emotional state of the person and to alleviate his suffering.

Love to a relax

People and cats are also united by aspiration to relaxation and tranquility. However, pets can afford it much more often. The need for a qualitative relaxation is absolutely natural. Thus the organism has an opportunity to have a rest and fill the dissipated energy.

It is known that cats will see off in a dream till 16 o'clock in day ― twice more, than people. The long dream for pets is vital as at this time their nervous system and other bodies is restored. Cats who do not get enough sleep, become aggressive and irritable. Agree that to people there is the same.

Rustling by pieces of paper and packages

Many cats like to rustle with plastic bags and paper. Similar entertainments ― what are not alien to employees of office there is only one breakage of pimples on packing which is capable to enter some people into a trance at several o'clock.

As hearing at cats is developed well, rustling causes curiosity and is associated with production. The usual boredom is one more reason of interest in the piece of paper which was near.

Happens that the person is busy with reading the newspaper or magazine and therefore does not wish to be distracted by requests of the pet to pay it attention. In that case the cat can become angry and when the owner is not near, to revenge "competitor", having broken off it on pieces. Perhaps, thus the animal punishes the owner for the indifferent relation ― more visible to a cat here.

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