• Oct 5, 2019

Owners of cats, for certain, noticed that their pets as if are able to distinguish time. Some awake us for work in time – even at not worked alarm clock, meet others at a door by certain o'clock. But once the owner returns slightly earlier – the door has no cat.

Built-in alarm clock: whether cats understand time

whether cats Are able to estimate in


Here definite answer – time on the dial cats, of course, do not understand. But nevertheless they definitely have "inner clock".

Scientists call this phenomenon "circadian hours" or "a circadian rhythm" – the time sense inseparably linked with own biological rhythm of the person or an animal. Especially obviously these hours can be observed at the cats living in an accurate daily routine of the person.

In other words, your cat does not know that you get up for work exactly at five in the morning. But if at this time the alarm clock did not ring out, and the favourite owner continues to sleep with pleasure, the cat, by all means, will wake him. And at all not because worries that you can be late for work. In general, cats in some way egoists also think first of all of themselves. The matter is that getting up in the morning from a bed, you, by all means, fill to an animal in a bowl of sterns. The cat gets used to this ritual and notes for herself signs and signs of approach of morning. For example, there is the sun – it is time to have breakfast, I go to awake the owner.

For awakening since morning it is not obligatory for cat to see directly the sun at all. As it was already told, cats have the inner clock and feel that the sun rises, even without watching it a window, being guided by own biological rhythm.


cats Distinguish time spans

Time of a breakfast or lunch of a cat will not be done not passed. And whether here they are able to distinguish time spans whether they understand that it "long" or "quickly"? On this subject scientists conducted researches. Examinees of cats and cats were divided into two groups. The first group was closed in the room without windows for half an hour, the second – for 2 hours. After time to them let owners. All cats who were in loneliness of 30 minutes did not show any concern, nervousness or interest. They took appearance of the person for granted.

The animals who were in isolation longer time, having seen owners, were delighted, began to make up and to purr enough.

After the experiment scientists came to a conclusion that cats, undoubtedly, understand a difference between concepts "quickly" and "long". Therefore your favourite so rejoices when you come home after the long working day. Well and, of course, waits for a tasty dinner which will follow it.

So after all this time sense or just already developed schedule

Researchers could not come to a consensus even after carrying out an experiment. Some say that at cats very accurate inner clock. Others adhere to the version of the schedule: if the lunch is missed, and there is no owner, the cat thinks that it "long".

If the cat meets you from work in certain time, perhaps, it not time sense. Do not forget that at animals excellent hearing. Your cat can catch steps from the elevator and even to determine by a sound whether there is it the long-awaited owner or the stranger whom you should not meet.

Anyway, you can adhere to the version, there are no official conclusions to this subject.

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