• Jan 13, 2020

The character of the Burmese cat corresponds to her original appearance.

 the Burmese cat of a photo

On a photo: Burmese cat

Main traits of character of the Burmese cat: softness, excellent abilities to adaptation to the most different conditions, magnificent learning ability, boundless devotion to the owner.

Burmese cats very chelovekooriyentirovanny. When there is no owner the house, they grieve.

On character the Burmese cats are playful, friendly and bright.

They remarkably get on with other animals and not bad feel in the company of the child.

At the same time the persistence adjoining by times on obstinacy is peculiar to the Burmese cats.

The Burmese cats quite slowly mature, and will not become completely mature yet, go through several stages of "teenage awkwardness".

A voice at the Burmese cat soft.

Burmese cats moderately active, quiet.

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