• Feb 6, 2020

the Burmese cat large, a body brawny, powerful, slightly extended, a little stocky.

 the Burmese cat the description of a photo

On a photo: Burmese cat

Legs are short, strong.

Paws are very large, roundish, fingers are densely compressed. Small pillows of paws pink.

Tail length average. The tail is well trimmed, in particular on the end.

The head is massive, roundish, a forehead convex, cheeks round and full, cheekbones are well developed, a chin strong. Small nose. Color of a tip of a nose has to be in harmony with dark marks. Width of ears at the basis is equal to their height, tips of ears are rounded slightly off.

Eyes are roundish, color of eyes of the Burmese cat – bright blue.

Hair of the Burmese cat silky, long and direct, only on a paunch slightly wavy. The Burmese cats have no underfur and special structure of wool so it does not fall down. The neck is decorated by magnificent "collar", legs are "panties".

Color of the Burmese cats very peculiar. The Burmese cats on a color are similar to Siamese, but at the same time paws at the Burmese cats white as though in gloves and boots. Possibly, it is connected with the fact that the cat – the carrier of a gene of white spottiness participated in removal of breed.

Hair of the Burmese cats evenly light, except for marks in certain places (ears, a mask on a muzzle, a tail and legs). The mask has to close all muzzle.

Main colors of the Burmese cats:

  1. Chokoleyt-poynt (chocolate marks): marks of chocolate-brown color.
  2. Forces points (black marks): the trunk is pale golden, and marks dark brown, turning with places into black color.
  3. Lilak-poynt (lilac marks): marks of nacreous-gray color. At the same time the small pillow of a nose has to be lilacky-pink. Color of a trunk of the Burmese cat in this case magnoliyevo-cream, light.
  4. Blyu-poynt (blue marks): this color of the Burmese cats is similar on forces point, but a mark bluish-gray, and a trunk white with a bluish shade. Color of eyes – deep blue.
  5. Blue tortoise tabb: the tortoise coloring, blue with cream, is combined with eyes of porcelain-blue color that gives to a cat an unearthly look.

A color of the Burmese kittens at the birth monophonic light, marks appear in several months.

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