• Feb 6, 2020

the Burmese cats have ancient origin. Once they were sacred in Myanmar (then Burma) and were considered as divine creations.

 Burmese cat of a photo

On a photo: Burmese cat

The Burmese cats large, the round muzzle gives them a touching look. Kittens are born light, and characteristic marks appear only later. Eyes of the Burmese cats blue.

Burmese cats clever, moderately active, obedient and affectionate. They well get on with other animals and children. However alone the Burmese cats can begin to miss so they suit too busy person spending all the time at work a little.

History of breed Burmese cat

The legend says that thousands years ago in Burma the wonderful temple in honor of one of goddesses was built. But once robbers killed the priest of the temple, and the body its long time lay before a gold statue of the goddess with sapphire eyes. The white cat Zinkh, the priest's alumna, sat down on a body of the killed owner and began to look at the goddess continuously. Light proceeding from a gold statue gave to hair of a cat a cream shade, eyes became blue, and legs – brown … is more detailed than

Description of the Burmese cat

The Burmese cat large, a body brawny, powerful, slightly extended, a little stocky. Legs are short, strong. Paws are very large, roundish, fingers are densely compressed. Small pillows of paws pink. Tail length average. The tail is well trimmed, in particular on the end … is more detailed than

Character of the Burmese cat

Main traits of character of the Burmese cat: softness, excellent abilities to adaptation to the most different conditions, magnificent learning ability, boundless devotion to the owner. Burmese cats very chelovekooriyentirovanny. When there is no owner the house, they grieve … more detailed …

Care of the Burmese cat

Care of the Burmese cat has a number of features which need to be considered. That hair of the Burmese cat remained beautiful, it it is necessary to comb carefully at least 2 - 3 times a week … more detailed …

Need for communication
Friendliness to children
Loyalty to other pets
of Golosistos
Ease in leaving
Information on breed
Origin Myanmar (wounds. Burma)
Group on wool Long-haired
Life expectancy is About 18 years old
of Feature Badly transfer loneliness
Weight of 5 — 6 kg
to Whom suits For any family

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