• Nov 26, 2019

If at your cat appeared fleas, then it is necessary to take urgently measures, and the earlier to begin treatment, the better. At early stages it is quite possible to cope usual house means and not to buy special medicines and shampoos. It is better to exclude use of chemical medicines at treatment of the little kittens weakened animal and pregnant cats. Here folk remedies about which we will tell in article will come to the rescue.

C6 of Ways to Bring Fleas at a Cat if There Is No Special Shampoo

Ordinary food salt as means from fleas

Usual table salt will be in each house. And its solution can quite help your pet. Processing of a hair is carried out by weak hydrochloric solution. On liter of warm water there are enough six tablespoons of salt. This structure it is worth processing not only hair of a cat, but also his berth. Some pets very much are positive to bathing if it is your case – prepare for it a salt tray, and let he will stay in it minutes 10, and after the procedure it is necessary to wash wool with flowing water carefully. Keep in mind, such processing will not approach if skin of an animal is combed and has damages – salt will only strengthen irritation and will create discomfort to your favourite.

we Prepare for

means from fleas from garlic

Garlic is not only the enemy of microbes in a human body, but also blood-sicking insects on a body of animals. It exhales a pungent and strong smell which drives away fleas. From this many-sided means for fight against fleas it is necessary to prepare infusion the next way:

  1. Small to chop a knife several teeth of garlic.
  2. To add yeast on a knife tip.
  3. To connect to 1 liter of warm water.
  4. Let's infuse 10-12 hours.

Apply ready means on cat's withers. There is enough 5-6 drops. Any more this infusion process nothing. Garlic is a toxic medicine, and in large numbers it will do only harm, up to allergic reaction at an animal.

Buy tar soap

Remember how bring louses at children. Correctly – usual tar soap. Birch tar – excellent means in fight against little blood-suckers. Buy such soap and bath a cat, having made foam it on the pet's hair, and after properly wash away water. Such procedure should be repeated several times until fleas completely disappear. Soap will be suitable also for preparation of special shampoo. He prepares slightly longer, but also the effect is more feasible than him.

  1. To grate a third of a piece of tar soap.
  2. To fill in with a half of liter of water and to boil on weak fire to a jellylike state.
  3. To cool weight.
  4. To add onions – a small head, previously having crushed it.
  5. To enter a yolk from 1 egg and to pour in a nettle infusion tablespoon.

This shampoo it is necessary to wash up an animal and to leave weight on wool at least for half an hour. After this time carefully to wash away warm water and to comb a hair.

Is used pine sawdust

In addition, these insects do not transfer a smell of needles and try to move far away from sources of its distribution. As prevention and a stop of reproduction of the fleas who appeared at a cat, the laying on which she sleeps is filled with pine sawdust, only use very small. Sew sacks and fill them with shaving of a pine and spread out on all apartment. If not to find sawdust, then it is possible to use fresh needles. Place it under a berth of the pet – the aroma of pitch frightens off insects, and they will leave cat's wool.

Herb infusions

There are herbs which possess the pungent and specific smells which are frightening off fleas. The wormwood and a tansy, a lavender and an eucalyptus, a room geranium belong to such herbs. For insects the tansy and a wormwood are considered as the most intolerable grasses. Dry these plants and spread out bouquets on different corners of the apartment – they will frighten off fleas. It is necessary to remember that insects live not only on a body of an animal, but also on his laying and can jump about the room. Therefore it is important to process all surfaces with which it has dense contact.

From herbs broth which greases a skin of a pet and his berth prepares. Such processing should be carried out every other day. On 0.5 liters of water it is necessary to take 20 grams of dried or 40 grams of fresh greens of a wormwood. To put on fire and to boil on small fire of 20 minutes. To cool and to grease with the filtered broth all surface of a cat's body and a laying on which he will go to bed. All these herbs are absolutely non-toxic for the pet.

Is used essential oils from fleas

If to add 2-3 drops of essential oil of rosemary to usual cats shampoo or a cedar, it will help to etch blood-sicking. These oils enhance antiseptic properties of means for washing, and the sharp aroma will frighten off fleas. There is also other way to frighten off insects. On a glass of water it is necessary to add 3 drops of oil, to stir and spray with this water an animal. Oil it is possible just to drip on a collar if the cat has it. However, it is possible to apply also oil of a lavender, mint, a lemon or geranium, and here refuse a tea tree – it causes intoxication which is followed by vomiting and weakness in a cat.

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