• Sep 16, 2019

Many owners are convinced that if the cat "walks in itself", then and to education she does not give in. And if the cat behaves "badly", for example, hisses on you, is scratched in any attempt to communicate or hides and does not make contact, such it also will remain. Whether so it and whether it is possible to re-educate a cat?

The Cat Sleeps near the Person of a Photo

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The cat is, of course, not a dog, and same to the owner from it should not wait for attachment . But cats are quite adapted for life near people and can at the correct approach peacefully learn to coexist with us. There are no bad cats, there are situations when owners did not find approach to a murlyka.

How to re-educate a cat?

  1. It is necessary to provide to a cat acceptable conditions lives. The pet who lives in abnormal conditions cannot normally behave. In particular, the cat has to have a shelter where she can retire, full feeding, toys , it has to be healthy and protected from ill-treatment. It is also desirable to equip for a murlyka "the second tier" .
  2. The earlier you begin education of a kitten, the better. It is easier for young animal to be reconstructed and adapt to living conditions and rules of accommodation in the house.
  3. Support behavior which suits you. Not only delicacy, a game or caress, but also as can seem strange, the fact that you leave to a murlyk alone can be a reinforcement (if at present is what she wants).
  4. do not impose to a cat communication if she does not seek for it. Cats are not gregarious animals, they need personal space (to someone more, to someone it is less) and an opportunity to have a rest from attention of other beings. On the place or in a lodge the cat has to feel safe also inviolability.
  5. If the cat attacks the person or other animals from some shelter (for example, from under a sofa), temporarily close her access to this place.
  6. , contrary to popular belief, you should not use Valerian. It affects cats excitingly, and to most of owners, on the contrary, it is necessary that the cat behaved more quietly.
  7. Put near the favourite place of a cat of a thing of people with whom at a cat for some reason the conflict (for example, a t-shirt). The smell is very important for cats, and exchange of smells – a great way to come into contact with purr a target=.
  8. Play with a cat her favourite games and caress her, but only when she makes contact.
  9. Treat a cat with favourite delicacies from hands.
  10. Offer a cat intellectual games (for example, toys which need to be rolled on a floor to get delicacies). Intellectual loading occupies a cat, contributes to her development and calms.
The Grey and Striped Cat Sleeps Is Weakened by a Photo

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is important to work consistently, to give to a cat time and not to break on a murlyka if there are mistakes.

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