• Mar 27, 2019

the Period of pregnancy and childbirth — hard time not only for an animal, but also for his owner. After kids are born, the owner hopes that repeated conception will not come at least within the next several months. Not to be mistaken, it is necessary to learn the opinion of experts on whether the cat who feeds kittens can become pregnant.

The Cat Feeds Kittens

Veterinarians claim that in 1.5−2 months after the delivery at a female there comes the techka again. In certain cases the dormant period is reduced to 1.5−2 weeks. It is connected with the fact that the ovulation at animals occurs during pairing.

Despite fertility of representatives of the cat family, the owner has to stop contacts of the feeding alumna with males.

It is connected with the sleduyushchy reasons:

Cat and Kittens

The Cat Gave Rise

  1. The organism of an animal who often gives birth is exhausted. Failures in functioning of a reproductive system, change of a bone tissue can begin. Life expectancy of the cats bringing kittens is more than 1−2 times in a year, is reduced.
  2. At approach of pregnancy the female can throw kittens . In this case the owner should be engaged in bringing up of kids independently. Even if the favourite will continue to carry out the maternal duties, development of milk will significantly decrease.
  3. Within the first month after the delivery the mucous obolochka of genitals of a cat is most subject to infection with viruses and causative agents of an infection.
  4. If the female feels proximity of potential sexual partners, her appetite will decrease or will be gone absolutely . It will negatively affect not only the organism of a cat which was not in time to be restored yet, but also the been born kids.

to avoid uncontrolled pairing of a female, it needs to be sterilized. It will save the owner from need to attach cubs.

The lack of childbirth has no negative impact on health of a female . The hormonal medicines preventing a techka and soothing during a lactation are forbidden to be given.

Even recently given rise cat can become pregnant in two weeks again. That it did not occur, it is necessary to protect the alumna from contact with males or to sterilize her.

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