• Apr 23, 2019

Animal, as well as to people, at emergence of posterity is necessary care. The owner is recommended to consider councils for care of a cat in the first days after the delivery. Favorable conditions for restoration and additional attention of the person are required for the house alumna. Special importance is represented by control of health of mother and her kittens.

Care of a Cat in the First Days After the Delivery

Control of health

In the course of childbirth the organism of a cat is exposed to serious loading. The person needs to watch tactfully the alumna not to miss possible signs of complications. At adverse symptoms it is necessary to address the veterinarian. Disturbing signals:

Salivation at a cat

  • expanded pupils;
  • spasms;
  • reddening and hardening of mammary glands;
  • the increased salivation;
  • refusal of food of more than a day;
  • lokhiya of yellowish or greenish color with a putrefactive smell;
  • substantial increase of temperature;
  • plentiful bleeding or continuous allocations;
  • absence of mother near kittens more than 2 — 3 hours;
  • disturbing behavior, frequent change of a shelter.

Existence of a small amount of bloody allocations — the natural physiological phenomenon which can last up to two weeks.

If other symptoms do not disturb the alumna, then there is no reason for concern.

Care of a cat

Care of a Cat After the Delivery

the Animal should equip a comfortable shelter . To a stove bench it is necessary to protect access for noisy family members, other pets and strangers. It is necessary to be convinced that the place for a cat and kittens is located far from drafts and is not too high. Sometimes newly made mother herself chooses a shelter. Whenever possible the lodge should be equipped in the place which she looked after.

The stove bench is recommended to be dimmed soft and smooth fabric of light color. On white allocations and dirt will be well noticeable that helps to control the cats proceeding in an organism physiological processes and hygiene in a lodge.

In fleecy surfaces can be confused small claws which kittens are not able to hide yet.

Care of a Cat in the First Days After the Delivery

Near a shelter it is necessary to equip a drinking bowl, a bowl with food and a tray . Usually the cat refuses to leave for a long time kids of some therefore it is important that all necessary was within walking distance. Food has to be much, it is necessary to enter the products containing vitamins and calcium in a large number into a diet. It is useful to give dairy products and food which is easily acquired.

their mother usually copes With cares of kittens independently . The owner is recommended to control unostentatiously health and a set of weight of kids. You should not begin domestication of kittens to hands before the second week of life not to disturb their mother.

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