• Jul 23, 2019
the Postnatal period at a cat is not less important

, than incubation of kittens and childbirth, and is not so burdensome if everything passed without complications.

Features of the Organization of Care of a Cat in the First Days after the Okot

The main thing to show attentiveness and to bear responsibility not only for the adult alumna, but also for newborn babies — and also to know about features of the organization of care of a cat in the first days after the okot.

Preparation of a nest

The careful owner of an animal has to prepare in advance the convenient location where the cat quietly could be delivered. for this purpose is necessary:

Preparation of a Nest for a Cat in the First Days after the Okot

  1. To choose the quiet and secluded place in the house, far away from public eyes.
  2. To get a spacious basket or a box that a cat with kittens freely were located in her.
  3. To establish the new dwelling far away from drafts and heating devices, to allow to accustom to future mother on the new place.
  4. To put a mattress or diapers from smooth fabric that claws of kittens did not cling to it when they creep.
  5. In the last days of pregnancy to arrange a bowl for feeding, water and also the toilet tray is closer to the new place that the cat had not to leave kids for a long time.

As the alumna will take care of posterity, depends on its character.

One can quietly leave on the affairs, another will persist, seeking to protect cubs, and at the same time to hiss on all who will approach them. Such careful mummy it is necessary to show the door sometimes to make cleaning in a nest.

Feeding during the postnatal period

After the delivery during the first two days the cat can not touch food at all, only to drink water as it could be sated with the afterbirths.

In the first week after the okot to give to the alumna easily acquired food in the small portions of 5−6 times a day.

Feeding of Kittens

the Best option — liquid food (vegetable and fish broths, porridges of liquid consistence, milk). Gradually to increase volume, adding other products — meat, vegetables, vitamin fertilizing. To usual food to bring 2−3 drops of cod-liver oil, bone meal which contains phosphates and calcium and it is obligatory to provide with clear water.

If the alumna uses a special forage , then it has to be quality with designation "for the feeding cats". In this case additional vitamins can be not given. For 2−3 week it is possible to feed already three times a day.

Health of the ward

It is necessary to watch the state of health of an animal. First of all needs to examine chest glands : they should not be vospalenno-red, cracked, painful at contact.

Cat After the Delivery

Such symptoms can speak about serious pathology. If in due time not to pay attention to it, kittens should be finished feeding artificially.

during feeding, after two weeks after the delivery, the alumna can have spasms . It is proved by deficiency of calcium in an organism. Can help at such state only the veterinarian who will enter to a cat special solution. The owner of the ward has to notice symptoms in time, otherwise the outcome will be very sad.

the Best prevention of such state is a balanced and various food.

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