• Jan 13, 2020

Care of a cat of breed the bobtail Japanese is not too burdensome.

 the Japanese bobtail a cat of a photo On a photo: a cat of breed the Japanese bobtail

the Japanese bobtails are not burdened with freight of genetic diseases or any specific problems with health. Therefore in case of high-quality leaving you have a chance for many years to enjoy communication with a cat.

The main part of care of a cat of breed a bobtail — care of wool. During a molt hair of the Japanese bobtail needs to be combed out regularly, but as these cats fade very little, and efforts the minimum will be required. The short-haired bobtail in the rest of the time is enough to be combed once a week, long-haired — approximately every other day.


that the Japanese bobtails are very active and therefore for kittens it is necessary to look that they did not get into trouble.

For the rest care of a cat of breed the bobtail Japanese differs in nothing from care of any cat. Your task: to provide to the favourite a tray with attractive filler, healthy nutrition, a kogtetochka, timely processing from parasites and vaccination and also love and daily communication.

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