• Jan 13, 2020

Care of a Maine Coon

Before taking a kitten, it is important to know how it is correct to look after a Maine Coon. Care of Maine Coons quite labor-consuming.

First of all, do not forget about prevention of diseases. In time give to a Maine Coon glistogonny medicines, process from fleas and ticks and vaccinate the pet according to the schedule.

the Important component of care of Maine Coons — maintenance as wool. Magnificent hair of Maine Coons demands additional leaving. At least once in a week they need to be combed out a metal hairbrush with the rounded-off teeths. Important since the childhood to accustom a Maine Coon to combing, otherwise you will hardly manage to convince an adult cat of need of these procedures.

Wool on a stomach and on the internal surfaces of legs can be mixed up in koltuna. If it is not possible to untangle колтун, cut off it.
Maine Coons are regularly washed. They love water and quietly perceive this procedure.
Is important hygienic care of a Maine Coon. You watch that ears and eyes of a cat were clean.

As required cut off to a Maine Coon claws.

Keeping of a Maine Coon in the apartment and the house

Keeping of a Maine Coon is possible both in the apartment, and in a country house. If you decided to let out a cat on walks, it is important that they were safe (in the fenced territory with which the Maine Coon will not escape, or on a lead).

do not leave to
a cat in the room with an open window. Falling from height can fatally end. The best option — to close windows special grids which will protect a Maine Coon from falling.

For the correct keeping of a Maine Coon in the house or the apartment it is important to provide it to all necessary. Are necessary to a Maine Coon:

  • Tray. It is important that the tray for a Maine Coon was such size that the cat could be developed absolutely quietly there.
  • Kogtetochka. It is better to get a little and to provide to the pet the choice.
  • — it is better than a bowl for food and water ceramic.
  • A lodge or a plank bed — the cozy place where the Maine Coon can have a rest.
  • Toys that it was not boring for a Maine Coon.

Feeding of a Maine Coon

Many owners are interested, what to feed with a Maine Coon .
the Basis of a diet of a Maine Coon makes meat (boiled or previously deeply frozen): chicken, turkey, beef. It does not need to be cut small pieces. It is possible to give the cleaned shrimps, boiled fish, quail eggs (is not more often than 1 time a week), natural yogurt, cottage cheese.
the Forbidden products when feeding a Maine Coon: mutton, pork, tubular bones, milk, crude fish.

If you prefer to feed a Maine Coon with natural products, be convinced that they qualitative and fresh.

Also for feeding of a Maine Coon it is possible to use a dry feed. However in this case it is worth being guided only by products a premium or a superpremium class.

It is impossible to save on feeding of a Maine Coon at all!

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