• Jan 13, 2020

Care of an American curl not too difficult, but has features.
As a rule, American curls are healthy, hardy cats. They have no genetic diseases. However upon purchase of a kitten ask the manufacturer to provide a vetspravka.

of the American curl is appreciated unpretentiousness. They have a good immunity, they perfectly transfer inoculations. And despite a strange shape of ears, problems with hearing have no.

the Important part of care of an American curl — feeding. It is necessary to watch to overfeeding the pet. The American curl is inclined to obesity, and it opens gate for a set of unpleasant illnesses.

of the American curl needs to be combed out once a week, then his wool will remain healthy and brilliant. If at you long-haired керл, comb out it 2 times a week. Thus you will be able to prevent formation of koltun.

is Also important hygienic care of an American curl.
to American curls needs to brush teeth. For this purpose special toothpaste will be suitable for animals which can be bought in a vetapteka or pet-shop. It is necessary to accustom a kitten to hygienic procedures as soon as possible that further they did not throw him in shock.

examine the pet's ears once a week. If you notice an unpleasant smell or reddening, it can be symptom of an infection. In this case it is better to address the veterinarian. If ears clean, you do not clean them.

do not bend an ear At all and do not put it in other position! It can injure a cartilage.

during bathing of an American curl you watch closely that water did not get into ears.

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