• Apr 21, 2019

Length of hairs at some breeds of representatives of the cat family can exceed 10 cm. It is necessary to look after hair of such animals regularly that she looked good and was nice on the touch. 5 golden rules on care of long-haired cats will allow to support tidy look of fluffy pets, without having spent at the same time a lot of time.

Rules on Care of Long-haired Cats

It is important to look after a fluffy cat regularly, otherwise she should be cut to get rid of koltun. Owners of long-haired favourites are recommended to follow such rules:

Comb a Cat

Cut Off Koltuna to a Cat

Comb Out a Cat

  1. Combing . The muzzle and paws can be combed out a slicker brush. It is necessary to apply a brush from a natural bristle to other parts of a body and also rare and fine-tooth combs with the rounded-off teeth. At first it is necessary to move against growth of hairs, then — in the opposite direction. It is important not to allow breakthroughs which can hurt an animal. That wool was not so quickly confused, it can be powdered with talc or starch.
  2. Bathing . Water procedures with use of special shampoo with the conditioning additives, it is possible to hold monthly. To dry wool, the soft towel is used.
  3. Paste for a wool conclusion. Hairs which are pinched by a cat can clog his digestive tract. It provokes emetic desires. To reduce discomfort, it is necessary to give periodically to an animal the special means promoting a conclusion of lumps.
  4. Vitamins . Vitamin and mineral complexes are selected according to breed of an animal. Not to be mistaken, it is necessary to consult with the veterinarian.
  5. Koltunorez . Hairs which were felted it was felted in dense koltuna, it is necessary to cut off. For this purpose it is possible to use special adaptation or sharp scissors with the rounded-off ends.

If to find for care of the pet is enough time, he will not suffer from loss of hairs and skin diseases.

needs to Accustom a cat to procedures as soon as possible. Then the favourite will quietly react to attempts of the owner to comb and wash up her.

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