• Mar 27, 2019

Average life expectancy of a cat — 15 — 17 years. After achievement of the twelve-anniversary the animal is considered elderly, the organism endures it the age changes which are negatively affecting health and character. To make life to a canine friend is more comfortable, it is worth carrying out 7 rules on care of the aging cat. It will allow to maintain health of the favourite and to prolong her century.

As It Is Correct to Look After Hair of a Cat

Way of life

The immunity weakens with age, the animal organism copes with external infections and adverse atmospheric factors worse. The first step on providing a comfortable old age for a cat — the organization of the safe environment for it . It is worth being convinced that stove benches on which the favourite got used to have a rest are not blown by drafts. It is desirable to avoid its contact with street animals. For elderly cats routine inspections at the veterinarian and an inoculation are obligatory.

The second and not less important factor — tranquility. It is necessary to take care, that the animal had a vacation spot where nobody will disturb it. Near the pet it is impossible to rustle and make sharp movements. If in family there are children, them it is necessary to teach to treat with respect a cat and to treat carefully it.

The third rule is that it is desirable for owner to show cunning to promote mobility of the pet, without subjecting it to a stress. For an incentive it is possible to use delicacies. The thicket can call a cat when he is disposed to the movement. Decrease of the activity can provoke obesity.

How to Look After the Aging Cat

The fourth pledge of a quiet old age — stability. Many animals become more conservative with age. Changes in a diet, arrangement of significant points, shifts in the apartment are taken by them very painfully. It is desirable to make so, that favourite cat's places remained invariable .

The fifth rule of leaving — to help the pet with hygiene. Sometimes it is difficult to cat to care for purity of a hair, hygiene of a tail zone and the size of claws. Neglect of these aspects significantly worsens quality of life therefore it is important to support a pet in a tone.


Approach of an Old Age at a Cat

The sixth condition of longevity — the food corresponding to age. If the animal grows thin and has problems with appetite, and the veterinarian does not find diseases, so he needs to be interested. Because of problems with sense of smell the cat worse feels attractive smells and loses interest in food. To interest her, dishes can be warmed up. It is useful to stack products with a strong smell on a bottom of a bowl, for example, fish or cheese.

In the menu of the elderly pet have to be absent fried products, spicy and hot spices as his gastrointestinal tract badly copes with loadings.

have to be present At a diet:

  • A and E vitamins;
  • group B vitamins;
  • zinc;
  • fatty acids.

the Seventh factor — convenient consistence of dishes. If at an animal teeth crumble, it is better for it to offer a melkoizmelchenny forage or pyureobrazny mixes. For the elderly pet it is better for menu to coordinate with the veterinarian.

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