• Feb 6, 2020
Care of the Don sphinx has specifics which need to be considered.
the Don sphinxes are unpretentious and hardy. Despite the lack of wool, they quite easily transfer cold. But drafts are really dangerous to them. Therefore it is better not to risk and during cold weather to take care of that the pet did not catch a cold. For example, to get a special suit.
 the Don sphinx of a photo
On a photo: Don sphinx
At care of the Don sphinx should show care with solar bathtubs — bald skin badly perceives ultraviolet rays. Some owners, to protect the Don sphinx from solar burns, use sun-protection creams for people.
Skin of the Don sphinx is very sensitive
. Even having rubbed about a wall, the pet can be wounded, consider it.
the Important part of care of the Don sphinx — the correct feeding. At the Don sphinx the raised metabolism, so, and food is required strengthened. As a rule, feed them 3 — 4 times a day, the diet has to be rich with protein. By the way, the Don sphinxes are curious and adore tasting new foods. They can eat even from what other cat will fastidiously turn away. But any new products are entered gradually and carefully. At the same time it is necessary to watch attentively health of a cat to do not pass symptoms of an allergy or frustration of a system of digestion.
is Extremely important hygienic care of the Don sphinx. 1 — 2 time in a month of a sphinx it is necessary to bathe, and once a week to wipe with wet towel wipes without alcohol content. During the hygienic procedures numerous folds are especially carefully processed, in them dirt which becomes the reason of an unpleasant smell and, what is even worse, the excellent environment for development of pathogenic bacteria can accumulate. It is necessary to wash a sphinx in the warm room without drafts. Water temperature – is not lower than 38 degrees. Right after bathing wipe the pet, grease skin with children's cream and wrap up in a warm plaid.
During a heat the Don sphinx sweats therefore the thicket should wipe skin — at least 1 time a day.
these cats have no eyelashes therefore eyes of the Don sphinx are quite sensitive to infections. They need to be wiped with camomile solution several times a week.
clean Ears once a week.

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