• Jan 13, 2020
Care of the European short-haired cat is not too put by

– they are unpretentious and do not demand special leaving. These cats perfectly feel both in the city, and in the private house. And can perfectly live in small-sized apartments.

 the European short-haired cat lies a photo

On a photo: European short-haired cat. photo Source: https://www.yummypets.com

Care of hair of the European short-haired cat includes comb-out during a molt – 1 time in 3 days. In addition, regularly delete the died-off hairs with a special brush. In the rest of the time it is enough to comb the European short-haired cat of times a week.

For the rest care of the European short-haired cat does not differ from care of any other breed. These cats need a tray, a kogtetochka, bowls for water and food, a lodge or a convenient stove bench in the secluded place.

Consider that if not to sterilize the European short-haired cats, they tend to breed quicker, than representatives of any other breed. And kittens in a dung they have more, than at other cats.

An important component of care of the European short-haired cat – the correct feeding. It is possible to feed the European short-haired cat with both natural food, and a dry feed – it depends on preferences of the owner. However when choosing a dry feed be guided by products a premium or a super premium class. If you prefer natural feeding, it has to consist mainly of low-fat meat and fermented milk products with addition of vegetables and grain.

At natural feeding you probably need to enrich a diet of the European short-haired cat with vitamins. However before buying them, it is worth consulting with the veterinarian.

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